One year Later

I was up until 2 am trying to pull tiny little tags off the kid’s “Snake Eyes”, “Hit me” and “High Rollers” give-away bracelets… and then back up at the crack of dawn to resume candy detail, sign hanging (which I despise) and more set dressing (which I love) but I just had to show you a proper photo of the focal point…

The sign is up and it took 5 strong guys to get it there…

The first photo is the Halloween Team and Steve, the guy who got his Father’s’s old one arm bandits going.

Next is Jake, the boy who asked me if I could do a “Haunted Casino” as he held up this sign …one year ago.

Then we have Chris and Carson, the man (and friend) who made this sign possible and Carson, his son who came to Halloween (which allowed me meet his Dad).

The sign is amazing…and is quite popular…  Now off to bed. I’m going to a hearse parade in the morning  to meet another new friend…



2 Responses to “One year Later”

  1. Those are GREAT pictures! all I can say is you guys are great! and that sign is fantastic! and all the people that worked on everything are very special people. I bet Jake is feeling very proud right about now! H. you are quite a Dame!

  2. It really is spectacular!

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