Happy Halloween

Well, I’d like to show you all my first preview night but my 8gig card went bad on me so I’ll have to re-take them all. The first night is all about running around like a maniac…working on sound and lighting. When the Hearse pulled up, I’m not sure I have every grinned that big in my life. It’s a giant black one from the 70’s and it’s really scary… and I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel…

I put that baby right on the front lawn…

It has a big pink casket in the back and power everything. It drives like it’s floating on clouds. I put the bride and groom into the front seat and added my own Frieda Kahlo scull ornament on the hood… complete with black roses on red silk ribbon and the “Just Scarried” signs with the bones (instead of cans).

I can’t show you a thing from tonight but I do have a shot of the pink casket in a 1959 Hearse. The owner plans to do a drive by in it Tuesday.


I’ve had 12 hours sleep in 3 days…so goodnight and haunted dreams…

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