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I caught them…

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Today, after coming home from 6-1/2 grueling hours of tough labor….what do I find?

Outside the mannequin’s, not previously assigned duties, had completely taken over my Halloween mobile. They were whooping it up and acting quite inappropriately for such a serious time of year.

Then…I walked into my own house and the Devil was having a meeting, discussing each actors part and how the drama should unfold…and I’m the darn Director! The Bride and Groom, whom are young and impressionable, were convince I was only his assistant! I had to threaten to not let him wear his big red wings. Sometimes you just have to take him by the horns!

I got in a little time working with the lighting…but not much!


The transformation Begins

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This was a busy weekend and as I sit to write this post, I have black paint on my knuckles and in the inner corner of my left eye, I can distinctly see glitter, glinting on my nose, I have a bad blister from a glue gun burn on my ring finger trying to re-glue a bone finger back on, a large lump on the front of my head from walking into a wood beam and one broken fingernail… Things are off and running!

We started this day transforming the garage into a bar / Vegas type lounge… I’m proud to say it’s well on it’s way. Skelvis’s stage is almost completed and has two lovely show girls at attention on either side. There is a guest sitting, getting ready to enjoy a nice glass of…well, whichever bottle she picks…I suppose. Jamie came in and did a wonderful Zebra pattern on the red walls that finished them off really nicely. We spoke on the phone and I had mentioned Zebra but she was thinking Leopard would look richer. I just knew when she saw the red, she’d change her mind and she did. She even blew very fine granulated glitter into the black and it sparkles beautifully in the dusky light. She loved it when it was done…always a good sign when an Artist completes something and is happy with the outcome. I think it’s terrific and even more special because I know she did it for me.

I worked around her… completing the show girls. I never know exactly what I’m going to do… gathering bits of this… and scraps of that… While twisting fabric around one mannequin, a helpful (single guy) neighbor asked for “Double D’s and I told him I would do what I could but I only had so much stuffing! See below the transformation starting of my old garage…


The Halloween Team

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In the making of all the Halloween sets for the past 10 years…
there has always been the Halloween Team.

These professionals…such as they are…demonstrate the proper procedures
in building to avoid distaster. Note the meticulous aim and proper usage of tools…
Thank God they don’t build Homes 🙂

This is the beginning of the archway entrance for “Lost Vegas”…
and it lights up…if any lights survived…

It doesn’t look like much here, but everything has been wrapped
with colored foil and has tiny matching colored lights popping through.
The idea is to have the foil glow behind the lights…and yes, it works 😉


The Falls

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Skelvis and Segal

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A few of you asked to see “what the heck is going on” in Halloween Land………well, this is (in between glue gun burns and splinters)
Lost Vegas presents Skelvis and his old friend Bugsy Segal in RGB. 😉


I’m sorry to tell you…Rocky and No-Neck Nick absolutely refused to sit for the photo shoot…

Having Power

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I just do…

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I don’t know why I loved this building and it’s puddles. People kept looking for something else. Some reason… some answer. Why is this woman out in the street? What is she looking at?  Sometimes a photograph can only be understood by the person in control of it’s making. Maybe I see something that isn’t really there. I don’t know why… I just do.


Small Town

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You know you’re in a small town when the resident’s names are hand whittled and painted into a road sign…

and I’m guessing Ella’s one popular Lady!


My Dandelion Wish

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Unwilling arms and the pitchfork

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Let me just start out by saying in my defense that I own 5 very round, lazy cats. Anyone that has ever met or cat-sat these devils knows they can make you think they’ve never before been fed in the whole of their existence…and this is without a moment of consciouses thought… while they walk with their bellies dragging the ground…

That being said, I’ll explain the truck, the pitchfork and the hay incident that started out to be just another simple photo oportunity. I saw three beautiful horses. I envisioned taking a simple portrait of these very same horses… with the most amazing blue sky as the background…and you know…those puffy white clouds, I just can’t resist them. So… I jumped out of the jeep and attached my favorite lens, oblivious to my other surroundings. I was focused…ok? I was going to make contact with these large animals, take the portrait I composed in my head and move on down the roadway of life…

When I approached the fence, my four legged friends readily came trotting up. All seemed as it should be as they happily whinnied and snorted. They even grouped quite nicely together without any prodding and stood for their “Au Natural” pose. It was after about 30 takes that “impatience” reared it ugly head both figuratively and literally and from there the scene rapidly descended like a bonsai skier going downhill. Within seconds, they had cease and desisted charming the camera for me…and taken matters into their hooves. They were kicking up large clumps of dirt and revealing some rather large, yellow teeth…in a most improper way… I assure you. When one took a swing at my head with his giant bronze nose and another snap at me with those protruding teeth… I took notice of the unfortunate problem.

Apparently in my haste to “create art” I had walked by the “dinner truck” with hay piled up high and tasty…the pitchfork laying in wait… just in need of willing arms to toss that dinner right over that fence to those waiting, greedy bellies. “What the heck is she waiting for” was in 3 sets of very focused eyes…

Now, I did consider it… just for a moment…Then those cats popped right into my head. I smiled to myself and said “oh no… I’ve been through this guilt game before” and I wouldn’t budge an inch. Needless to say… the camera shoot ended badly… with 6 flattened ears and alot of projected anger. I snapped this quick shot to show their indignity but you just got to admire that sky… 😉

I forgave myself later, as I took off down the road…cause I knew darn well from years of experience… had I picked up that hay, sure enough there would have been a farmer behind me, with his arms crossed over his chest and that “just exactly what are you doing lady?” look in his eyes. Hey… I took the lesser of two evils… At least these three were behind a fence!