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Boo Boo wears the hair

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Ok, we’ve all tried the hair on…it’s hard to resist…I think Boo Boo looked the best


Just love those family eyes…



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Each year my buddy Dan and I make a poster for the yearly Halloween event. I design it and build it, Dan fixes the files or rebuilds it so it will print on his Digital Press and then runs it. We make quite a team. He squirms at first because he knows how meticulous I can be with details…secretly he loves doing it. I’ve omitted my address for obvious reasons, but the rest is what the folks will see hanging up around the city shortly.



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As each year’s festivities unfold, the dog walkers appear in amazing numbers…then there’s the parade of what I refer to as the “car gawkers”. They don’t want anyone to know they are peeking but when they rubber neck at a speed slower than my 84 year old Mother can walk…it’s fairly safe to say…they are peeking.

Then there are those, like this weekend… One lady inquired “Is this a garage sale?” This happened, mind you, while I was dressing a seven foot skeleton in a tuxedo…

What I enjoy are the kids. Kids are just direct…”What’s going on here?”…”What’s the theme this year?”…”Can I help?” They are excited and don’t care who knows it.

This picture is of 2 girls that came by for some costume tips. I usually have a few up a sleeve. I took their likeness and tried to get a photo of their dog. In the end, they were so sweet…I just didn’t have the heart to tell them …that their beloved Dog’s a Vampire…


I caught them…

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Today, after coming home from 6-1/2 grueling hours of tough labor….what do I find?

Outside the mannequin’s, not previously assigned duties, had completely taken over my Halloween mobile. They were whooping it up and acting quite inappropriately for such a serious time of year.

Then…I walked into my own house and the Devil was having a meeting, discussing each actors part and how the drama should unfold…and I’m the darn Director! The Bride and Groom, whom are young and impressionable, were convince I was only his assistant! I had to threaten to not let him wear his big red wings. Sometimes you just have to take him by the horns!

I got in a little time working with the lighting…but not much!


The transformation Begins

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This was a busy weekend and as I sit to write this post, I have black paint on my knuckles and in the inner corner of my left eye, I can distinctly see glitter, glinting on my nose, I have a bad blister from a glue gun burn on my ring finger trying to re-glue a bone finger back on, a large lump on the front of my head from walking into a wood beam and one broken fingernail… Things are off and running!

We started this day transforming the garage into a bar / Vegas type lounge… I’m proud to say it’s well on it’s way. Skelvis’s stage is almost completed and has two lovely show girls at attention on either side. There is a guest sitting, getting ready to enjoy a nice glass of…well, whichever bottle she picks…I suppose. Jamie came in and did a wonderful Zebra pattern on the red walls that finished them off really nicely. We spoke on the phone and I had mentioned Zebra but she was thinking Leopard would look richer. I just knew when she saw the red, she’d change her mind and she did. She even blew very fine granulated glitter into the black and it sparkles beautifully in the dusky light. She loved it when it was done…always a good sign when an Artist completes something and is happy with the outcome. I think it’s terrific and even more special because I know she did it for me.

I worked around her… completing the show girls. I never know exactly what I’m going to do… gathering bits of this… and scraps of that… While twisting fabric around one mannequin, a helpful (single guy) neighbor asked for “Double D’s and I told him I would do what I could but I only had so much stuffing! See below the transformation starting of my old garage…


The Halloween Team

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In the making of all the Halloween sets for the past 10 years…
there has always been the Halloween Team.

These professionals…such as they are…demonstrate the proper procedures
in building to avoid distaster. Note the meticulous aim and proper usage of tools…
Thank God they don’t build Homes 🙂

This is the beginning of the archway entrance for “Lost Vegas”…
and it lights up…if any lights survived…

It doesn’t look like much here, but everything has been wrapped
with colored foil and has tiny matching colored lights popping through.
The idea is to have the foil glow behind the lights…and yes, it works 😉


The Falls

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