Halloween Day

Well…what can I say. If I had only known…at least I could have changed my holey t-shirt and combed my hair…oh well

For the record, I am not the “self proclaimed Queen of Halloween”…it’s a title someone long ago dubbed me…I am the self proclaimed most tired women in Orange county though…I only have one eye open and I can’t feel my feet…and I have no idea how to how to make this play… so copy and paste or something



4 Responses to “Halloween Day”

  1. HOLY MOLY, girlfriend, you are FAMOUS! I mean, geez o pete’s! I even know what you look like now.

    How many people came? I’m glad the reporter didn’t give out the address.

    It was stunning in the video. You do think of every detail! Well done.

  2. yb, I’m much cuter, younger, skinnier, funnier and modest in real life…Not sure what happen there 😉 and they cut my best lines about the magic of Halloween and my beloved “It can’t be done” Halloween Team. I really sounded like a doofus…trying not to lose the camera man who was sitting on the hood of my Halloween mobile.

    My best guess on the people…a couple thousand…and lots of drunk ones! I myself don’t drink so it was hilarious to watch. I told the reporter Lady no way on the address…otherwise Skelvis would want Royalties.

  3. Whoa, a couple of thousand?! Did you run out of candy and gifts?

  4. Never! No true Queen would let them eat cake…

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