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Thank you’s

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Every year’s Halloween Scene is a major undertaking…this years especially involved a lot more people than in the past. First and foremost is a special thank you to the “Halloween Team” themselves. Without Mike and Mitch there is no set. Every year I hand over my sketch of the dream in my head and every year I hear their motto “It can’t be done” but they always seem to make it happen. Believe me, it’s what you “don’t see” that takes a tremendous amount of time and energy on their part, rather than what you “do see” in my set dressing…

This years theme came from a young man that lives around the corner. Jake asked me last year if I could do a “Haunted Casino” and held up his little Las Vegas replica sign. Thank you Jake…my mind was spinning with ideas within 10 seconds. Then there is Chris, whom without his help and guidance, the actually Lost Vegas sign would not have come about, nor the archway to the Chapel of Horrors. Gigantic Thanks Chris. Thanks to the efforts of “Display It” in Irvine and their team who actually built the sign and donated it to the cause. I will be hanging that baby in the TV room along with my James Bond autographed collection. You guys are amazingly talented.

Big Love and Thanks to my lifelong friend Jamie for the wonderful zebra mural…the glitter was a nice touch. Thank you to Jamie, Scott (Jamie’s Son), James and my Father-in Law Dick for handling “candy/ toy detail” which is no task for the faint of heart. A Big Thanks to Ronnie from Phantom Coaches for the magnificent Black Hearse…which I secretly wish was mine. I drove it around the city and to breakfast the next day…what a kick! Thanks to Mike and all his Dealers and Bartender from the Poker Store in Westminster who came in and taught “even me” how to play Blackjack.

Thank you to both Steve and John for the wonderful old slots and Las Vegas memorabilia. They made everything so much more fun for the kids. And Steve, thanks so much for fixing the headlights on the Halloween Mobile. You are an electrical wizard. A special thanks to my beautiful Niece Nicole for being an exceptional cigar-cigarette girl and the politically correct idea of adding “throat cancer” to her neck. Thank you to my big 6’5″ Nephew Bobby for handling security and keeping a close eye on things for his loony Aunt.

Thanks to Dan and Kevin for the posters, signs and money bands and for putting up with my designer fanatics. Thanks to Candace for helping baby-sit me on Tuesday Night when Mike and Mitch could not be there. Thanks to Gary for decorating the gigantic house being built next door and little odds and ends around the set. Thanks to Jake’s Mom Jamie, for bringing me dinner one night (I never remember to eat during this time).

Thanks to all the neighbors who don’t turn me into the Police for not taking out a permit and for putting up with all the traffic. Thank you to the unknown named neighbor who afterwards took down posters to save me time and energy. Lastly, thanks to the HB fire department for taking the extra candy off my hands and saving me from about 10 lbs of extra weight.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did 🙂

My National Holiday

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