The Not Self Appointed Queen of Halloween

For those of you that didn’t get to see my 2 minutes of fame, naturally in a holey t-shirt, covered with attic dust and unwashed hair…as all women dream to be portrayed on TV

Here it is. Remember I’m much cuter and do not talk remotely like a DORK in real life…I was in character…just not sure who’s πŸ˜‰

10 Responses to “The Not Self Appointed Queen of Halloween”

  1. You don’t do Christmas and you don’t do birthays…hmmmm.. who was that lady that bought all those Birthday and Christmas presents over the years? HaHa

  2. So who exactly is the Halloween appointment committee? Who are those folks that gave you that title…

  3. Well Jim, if you must know (there’s always one heckler in the crowd, isn’t there folks)…my Fairy God Mother hit me on the head with her magic wand years ago…when I woke up, the Queen of England, I believe it was Elton John…stood over me with a long silver sword…tapped me on each shoulder and proclaimed me Queen of Halloween. After clicking my heels to get back home, I promptly called Elvira and gave her the bad news. She did not take it graciously……

  4. Perhaps she put a hex on you (say this in your best deep, crackling Elvira voice): “When Heather, the so-called Queen of Halloween, has a chance to be seen by millions of minions, make her wear her holiest t-shirt so that all will see, she is not worthy of her queendomship! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

    That could be what happened, ya know.

  5. I didn’t think of that…

    I’m getting a voodoo doll via internet

  6. I dreamed H. was the Queen of all cats too. I believe she holds the Title in many areas. Anyway..she is our Queen..that is for sure!

  7. Don’t forget, Queen of Cows and Horses.

  8. Yep!

  9. Bob Chrisman Says:

    I’m sorry I won’t be in Huntington Beach to visit Lost Vegas. Looks great. Halloween is the best holiday I know. I bow to the Queen of Halloween.

  10. Hi Bob!
    Thank you!

    I think I misled you a bit. This was a few years ago. This year we will be featuring an alien spaceship with 6 life size aliens. If you really want to come, maybe I can ask them to pick you up along the way!

    πŸ˜‰ H

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