A Good-bye

Yesterday, my friend and neighbor, passed on to the next life after a tough battle with lung cancer. He lived 86 wonderful years and died, hanging on to the bitter end, as the tough Marine he was. It was a truly funny thing to watch my Father (Army) and he go round and round on WWII and just exactly who saved who’s ass. I’m not sure that battle could ever be won 😉 At 6’6″ he was hard to miss. He had a wonderful character and a heart of gold. God Speed Pappy. Rosa’s waiting on you for that dance.

7 Responses to “A Good-bye”

  1. We had a neighbor who died a few weeks ago. His name was Herb. He was in his 80’s and had cancer, too. It was an odd feeling to look over today and see his home empty. He was a good neighbor. We feel the sadness here on Earth. But Rosa’s going to be quite the happy gal. 8)

  2. I thought the same this morning as I passed his house…an odd emptiness. I left a single white rose on his porch in his memory. But as you say wisely QM, Rosa will be very happy…so will he. They were married over 60 years.

  3. Wow, I thought of QM’s neighbor when I read this post, and then there’s QM’s comment.

    It’s so cool to live next to old folks who’ve been in the neighborhood since forever. They are the best kinds of neighbors. They hold so much history about the place, who lived where, what things were like. It’s sad to see them go.

  4. We are losing many WWII Veterans each day now. Thank you for all you did. Goodby Pappy.

  5. I only got the pleasure of meeting Pappy a couple of times. One of the times Daddy and Pappy got into a real funny argument about the role of the Army and Marines in WWII. I can still see them now, talking and laughing…

  6. hope you’re having a grand time up there, Pappy :)!

  7. Nicky, After he saw Rosa…I have no doubt he found your Grampa and they took up right where they left off!

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