Part of the Tribe

This Thanksgiving, we were missing quite a few…but the other’s tried to make up for them 😉

My Mother’s house is very dark…with yellow light…Yikes!




4 Responses to “Part of the Tribe”

  1. Heather, I love that last one of mom, and Julie with the potatoes, and Nicole with Simba..

  2. These are great! I simply love the angles. Simby is famous…yeah.

  3. DAMN!!! That is one bowl of mashies!! M-m-m-m-m
    And I love that extreme look of excitement on Mike’s face. He’s just a ball of exuberance! 😉 Tell him it is not so good at his age to get so excited.

  4. Yes…ever since Julie saw “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” the mashies have looked like that…and …that’s Mike’s way of saying “get that camera out of my face”…although it does look a bit like indigestion;)

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