The Time Travelers

There are people in this world you love and there are people you respect and then there are people you would give your life for. I have 3 such friends I’ve know most all of my life. Shiela would be one. I met Shiela in the 7th grade. She was in my homeroom class and she sat underneath the big clock on the wall. I apparently was a clock watcher. From that homeroom connection, we have been buds through life, as children, teens and to the women we are today.

Shiela is a very talented Artist. She is a painter, a sculpture and now, an author and I could not be more proud. Her two children grew up in the public school system and though they received a wonderful education, she felt that there should be more. A 6 year old child, wishing to meet a Pilgrim from a story read in class, lead to her making a costume and writing a script for a friend to come “meet” with the kids. She soon joined forces with Joyce Costanza, another mom and a very talented writer. Time Travelers was two years in the making for these two women and I was proud to be a part of seeing it through production and printing…but never happier than when I took the call after knowing they held their first printed book in their hands.

Time travelers allows children to meet people Like Old Abe, as a real life character…. Had it been available to schools sooner, I may not have watched that clock so much! PLEASE check out the very hard work these women accomplished under Shiela in my blogroll.



3 Responses to “The Time Travelers”

  1. VERY cool. As are her sculptures.

    I love watching Chautauqua performances.

  2. She is currently working on 2 other public projects.
    This sculpture became a memorial for people to leave something after 9/11 occurred. She was very honored. Secretly, upon completion, she encapsulated a photo of her two children inside prior to it being placed on the pedestal 😉

  3. Your words are so kind I’m going to try and say what we all know:

    Heather, you are the one that held us together through both the good and the hard times. Not sure who we would now be without your humor, enthusiasm, empathy, protection and love. From the long and winding road- thank you, our dear one.

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