2008 Calendar

Each year I set aside some of my favorite photos to make a desk calendar. It’s sometimes hard to decide because some hold a special memory… and only I can know what that is. It may not translate to the viewer beyond me.

This calendar also gets into the hands of some of the sales people I work with and they in turn pass them on to their customers. Therefore, sometimes decisions are also swayed by what others may like…or what could be offensive to some, though I rarely shoot that type of image.

This year I have decided to go with what I like…and if they don’t… well that’s a choice, isn’t it?

The cover will be a very simple solid black page with a wonderful quote from the magnificent T.S. Elliot…How can I go wrong…

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.

T.S. Eliot

Anyway, after many after-thoughts and lip biting, second guesses…and then arriving back where I started…this is my calendar for 2008

I can’t even remember my correct order of months…but I will try 😉


January: Under the Pier, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia February: Little White Church, Prince Edward Is. March: Laundry Day, Nova Scotia

April: Red Barn, Iowa May: Jack, Route 66 June: In Memory, Santa Monica Pier July: From the Rooftops, Montreal

August: Roy’s Cafe and Motel, Amboy September: Windmill, Wyoming Plains October: My Father’s Orchid

November: Miko leads the Way, Route 66 December: Ghost Town, Bodie in Winter

10 Responses to “2008 Calendar”

  1. The dory boat, I like that one a lot, H. Maybe someone from Tennesee, who can sing old songs, maybe it belongs to him..

  2. It’s fabulous. I’ve commented on many. They are among my favorites, too. The two with the dogs I don’t remember ever seeing, and I absolutely adore them!

  3. I better get one 😉

  4. Thank you all.
    Cindy, the dory was sitting on the end of the Santa Monica Pier. I had driven all the way there to do arbitrary shoots and had just got tossed out of the ferris wheel area for having a professional camera…a story all to itself…I took one look and thought of Daddy. It’s to him, it is in memory of.

    yb, the dogs were so cool. The small guy (Jack) on the counter watches tv with his owner and runs up and down that counter (no one eats on it). It’s a famous old place on Route 66. The other dog, Miko, is his as well and he had her guide me thru some abandon buildings. It was a very strange and moving experience for me in that I knew that dog understood my night blindness somehow and got me out of some very dark, scary areas…where I just could not see. I had never met her before. When I left to get in the jeep, she stood next to the car looking at me. The hair stood up on my neck…I knew she had been there for a purpose and was saying good by. True Story.

    Lesa, my lovely sister, you will of course 😉
    Anybody else that wants one, email me at tobeheather@yahoo.com and send me your address.

  5. jef beirinckx Says:

    Like the laundrypic by the river!

  6. Great…what can I say…great!

  7. Jef, The funniest thing about that shot was that they were expecting a bunch of Photographers that day and thought I was there really early to set up for the sunset. You can imagine the look I got when I told them I wanted to shoot the laundry!

  8. My faves are January, March, December. This is a knockout calendar, H. I like the black cover with the quote, too. Where do you get them printed? Or do you do it yourself. Wonderful work.

  9. I print them at work. Poor Dan….He’s worked with me for 20 years…but still doesn’t run from me!

    QM, If you pick 12 images of your own and send them to me via email, I’ll make some for you too.I can give you another email. H (yb too)

  10. H, that’s an incredibly generous offer. You are so sweet. I have to think about that. And how in the world did you narrow it down to just 12?

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