A day at the beach

I spent several hours on my own turf for a change. I had sand in my shoes and wind in my hair…and the sun kept dodging me in some kind of game but I managed a few that I liked. This is the Huntington Pier, about 2 miles up the road from my home. I was really lucky to get the windsurfers today. Those are coming. I tried for dog beach but they all kept running at me with wet noses… Dogs are tougher models that some of my Nieces and Nephews!


I’m thinking of one like this for the Christmas card…just to hear my friend in New York snow… groan. 😉

3 Responses to “A day at the beach”

  1. Nice shot. Excellent composition.


  2. Thanks Rich. I checked out your site and love that format you’re using…really pleasing on the eye.Header’s very cool too. That one shot in Vegas is fantastic and my favorite!

  3. you are on to something..this buttery smooth is it. Your pasture (Green and yellow)..this sand and the Christmas hat girl..this is you.

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