Where are we?

I’m going to blame this on the fact that there was no room at the counter…where I like to eat. We went to dinner at a place we go to from time to time and normally just eat. The first thing I heard upon sitting in a booth was the waitress. She had apparently just broken up with her boyfriend and was very upset. I felt sorry for her as she poured her heart out to these 3 that had managed to make the counter. After about 3 minutes of listening I was beginning to get a clear picture on the reason for the break-up…on her boyfriend’s behalf… and was praying she was not our server.

After listening to this woeful story for about 10 minutes…at an octave my ears are not accustom to…our server finally makes it over to take our order…prayer answered…not her. We order dinner. Just then, a couple come through the door and select the booth behind me. When the server appears, the woman proceeds to place her order…” I’d like the cob salad…but I don’t want any bacon…or ham…or turkey”. Then her husband helpfully reminds her that she doesn’t like avocado either. At this point I’m trying to figure out exactly just where the “cob” portion of the salad comes in…when I notice another guy at the counter eating his 2 plates of dinner with his hands.

In between bites…or mouthfuls rather…he is telling the “woeful waitress” that he has just written a novel…about a guy named “Dan”. It appears that he is a regular because everyone leaving the restaurant from the back room tables keeps knuckle tapping him upon their exit. I guess that food sticking to his fingers wasn’t any king of hindrance…especially with some guy with the shiny bald head and the long, skinny, pointed, white beard …dangling down to the middle of his stomach. Possible another member of the “Hands On” food experience.

Just when I think the 3 people at the counter might be the only other normal people in the room, the guy says to the girl on the left…”well, you were my first girlfriend…but nothing ever happen”….and then he turns to the girl on the right and says “and now that’s how you became my girlfriend”. Then all 3 got up and of course, the guy with the 2 gals knuckle taps the “author” upon leaving.

It was at this point that I leaned over the table and asked my husband…. “Where are we”?



2 Responses to “Where are we?”

  1. Well, from the description I know you are somewhere in California. Ha Ha

  2. LOL! I love the photo because even the waitress’ face is obscured. It’s perfect, and it makes the words all the more real.

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