Christmas in Cal…

I can always tell when Christmas is coming in California. Well, you can generally tell when you see a tree in the road that has been improperly tied to a small car and some guy’s backing up illegally in the middle of the street to fetch it. Or, when you start seeing every house on every street with those tiny white snow lights draping down…you know those strings of lights that look about as much like snow as lips with collagen look real…a matter of the mind all working out choices I suppose.

I personally like the one’s my sister hangs…not strings of white, but strings of Hanukkah Blue…and not strategically placed with a ruler and a level…but artfully sporadic. I like knowing she’s original (and related).

This hotel uses colored lights in a way dear to my heart…a wall washing of light and color…and I thinks it’s beautiful.



3 Responses to “Christmas in Cal…”

  1. Dazzling!

  2. green and red, my favorite! my house is green and red (not the outside) my dear husband puts up with it. i think it looks beautiful. (you’d have to see it)

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