Facing 50 Head On

Yes, that is 2 puns in one line… TDB

Self Portrait



18 Responses to “Facing 50 Head On”

  1. this is so creative!! who shot? happy birthday auntie! 🙂

  2. Why, you’re Auntie…of course…with the help of one very long remote extension cord 😉

  3. Just the best!
    You will love 50. It is a no nonsense, nonsensical number.

  4. Hi Leslie, Thanks…I’m gonna count on it. 😉

    Jim, knowing you, that’s a gushing approval. Only thing higher in your word arsenal is “stellar”!

  5. STELLAR then Cindy Sherman.

  6. I guess you’ll be wanting a foot soaker for christmas.

  7. whoops! that was not Nicole above..that was me.

  8. Great self-portrait. (And I love the foot soaker idea.) The 50’s are everything they’re cracked up to be. And much, much more. No more nonsense. We’re livin’ to beat the band!

  9. Thank you QM! I plan on giving that Band a good, long beating!

    Family, if you get me a foot soaker, I promise to cook you something…moohoohaw… I have already thrown out that annoying white envelope AARP keeps sending me 4 times!

    Jimmy, 2 sweet comments on one post? Have you been drinking?

  10. H,OMG, I’ve thrown out that annoying AARP mailing about 20 times. Liz keeps laughing at me and telling me to sign up. We might save some $$$!

  11. Happy Birthday from all of us!!!

  12. Happy Birthday H. wherever you are…I’m sure your head is sticking out of the truck with Camera in hand somewhere. Your family loves you!

  13. H, this is your all-out tops! Fun, hilarious, creative — just like you!!

    My very favorites are the fourth and fifth.

  14. Best lookin’ fifty year old I’ve ever seen!! Happy Birthday, little sister! You’re gonna love gettin’ older ’cause you can act goofy and it’s fine ’cause people just think you’re senile. It’s great fun! Love Ya

  15. You’re off on another adventure! Happy Birthday, Heather. It is kinda fun to get older, you can act silly and whacky and it seems to be ok. Younger people just think you’re senile or crazy. It is fun! Love Ya, Cindy

  16. yea, and it’s ok to forget you already said something once and say the same thing again a few minutes later! ha ha

  17. very creative, I love it!

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