She’s back and she’s still 50

I made it back and have some wonderful photos (well hopefully wonderful) to share and some of my story tellin’.

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that remembered me on the big day. My cell phone was going crazy with text messages and photos…most I didn’t get until late that night…and the internet cards just now. I chose to spend the day 1 mile underground in the Carlsbad Caverns in one of my favorite places, New Mexico. I took my camera and did the best I could with the lighting they provided. I chose not to use flash and didn’t have a tripod (so I wouldn’t block the lanes) but the sights were amazing, even if  all the photos come out blurred. 😉

Anyway, it did my heart good to know there were so many well wishers. Thank you all sincerely.



One Response to “She’s back and she’s still 50”

  1. Glad you’re back. You deserved all the hoopla and fanfare. BTW, the 50’s are great. It’s good to be 50. 8)

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