Printing Elves

Straight Raw shots out of my camera…party on! Feel free to comment people but I will not be making you skinnier or cuter or younger than you are…blame it on your Mother. You can click on any one photo to see it bigger…for the old folks…and the vain.


4 Responses to “Printing Elves”

  1. Looks like quite the party!

  2. I made the big time…and all the while on vacation!

  3. Dan, so glad to hear from you…where are my Calendars? I think you’re hiding from me…I’m going to leap on you’re back when I see you! Just because you took time off after working 102 hours a week and you now have 87 guests staying at your house for the Holidays is no excuse. And Dan, My Long Time friend…Happy New Year buddy! BTW…You do realize the new year is based on BC and AD, don’t you? HA! Gotcha! 😉

  4. all I have to say to the “ad” and “bc” comment is check this movie out:

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