Pueblo Cows

Recently I was very fortunate to be able to visit Acoma Pueblo in the beautiful State of New Mexico. But at this moment I am preparing to take a a few family members to visit China Town and Alvera Street in Downtown Los Angeles…to see the sites, make a few purchases…and EAT! So, this is only a photo of the road that leads the way…

Acoma still awaits showing. In the meantime, so you’re not left in darkness…Acoma Pueblo, a 70 acre village, happens to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the USA. I figure a few more days waiting won’t hurt. There are fewer than 50 Acoma Indians living on the mesa top year-round and though quite camera shy, I was lucky enough to meet 10 of them… Apparently their cows are shy too because they all tried to pry themselves into this cement drainage tube when they saw me coming. 😉



3 Responses to “Pueblo Cows”

  1. From New Mexico to LA! Quite the dramatic change of scenery. Cool black and white shot. Can’t wait to see more of Acoma Pueblo.

    Happy Holidays, Heather. I’m so glad to have you as part of our blog community. The pleasure is all mine. 8)

  2. Very kind QM! Boy, is there a difference! Both really great places in their own unique way. LA gets a bad rap on TV. It’s a fantastic city with really nice people and much less uptight than Orange County. I drive up there quite a bit to visit the museums, spend time with the locals and EAT! San Francisco is another favorite of mine.

    We had a great day today and ate our way through! My Mother (who normally starts saying “Can we go home now?” just as we’re getting somewhere) had a great time too. I told her we were in China 😉

  3. Heather, I’m so glad everyone had fun! Bet the food was great! Thanks for everything, Buddy..

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