Birds on Lookout 14


4 Responses to “Birds on Lookout 14”

  1. I love this photograph. You’ve got those amazing birds in motion. Then that lovely stabilizing circle of track. Such a joy to view your black and whites.

  2. You see it like I do QM…I loved that track as well. I actually like the photo un-cropped better because you can see the whole circular motion and there’s a couple of tall, spindly Palms on the very left but the wing movement is too hard to see on the blog when it’s so small. When I crop photos square, they are so much larger.

    I also have a hard time compensating blackness on the blog. My photos are usually very dark but always appear “pissed out” (Printing term). I go back in to make them overly black…which I don’t particularly liked to do. My monitor is color corrected fairly close to what I print, but this blog is…well it’s a totally different animal.

    I think I’ll write something about this for the blog and get yours and some other photographer’s opinions. Happy New Year my Girl!

  3. This IS a great photo. I can see what you mean about the wing movement. You can really see it in this cropped version. Maybe you could print below it the uncropped, as that one sounds valid in its own right as well.

  4. Thank you yb! I should also do a close up of just the birds. I enlarge all my photos to spot them because I’m fanatical about spotting dirt. When I’m on the beach there is always sand stuck to the lense that needs to be spotted out later. I looked at a close up of the wings…and it’s very cool.

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