The chance to dream…

I worked for for 33 years, gave everything I could possibly give, working hours that could scare a CEO…Then one day, when I was really listening… reality spoke up and that was the first day in the rest of my life. That was about 6 months ago. I decided that life really is too short not to see some of it lived happily, doing something you only think about in dreams. I have since sacrificed a few comforts, gave up a demanding but well paying job and stepped into a new one that allows me more freedom…to be who I really want to be. And in the long run, I realized that I never really needed any of that other “stuff” anyway…

I have found a little studio. It’s about 1/2 mile from my house as the crow fly’s and it’s there that a long time dream will come true. I don’t intend to make alot of money…in fact, I may lose some. But what I sincerely hope is to bring people of like minds together, to create something that not only teaches, shares, creates…but gives something back to the community I live in. Anuvue Studio will be born in a small 650 square foot loft in a very old 1970’s building (what i can afford). It will be a place where people can learn to create art, limited only by their own imaginations. It will be a place where people can learn how a sculpture was actually formed…or what inspired a certain painting…or allow someone to actually purchase something original, created by a driving vision, at a price that is within their pocket book….for the first time in their lives. It will be an opportunity for Artist’s to show their work and share their dreams with the community, for possible the first time in their lives as well. And all in an atmosphere that is friendly and open…

And as in all things I do, nothing happens without the involvement of Family and Friends…a patient Husband that allows me my “Ideas”, Family to pitch in no matter what lunacy I dream up, Friends to create things to fill up the space, teach classes, build my website, offer helpful insight, inspiration or moral support…whatever it is…and in that, I could not be more blessed.

The present tenants are 2 really nice guys and they have been so gracious in my little visits to see “this wall” or “that window”. (I never knew I had stocker potential in me..but have been proved wrong). Below, I thought I’d share a few very bad photos of my new home away from home so my family and friends would know it’s really going to happen… and soon!

1. The first picture shows the 1972 building , not very glamorous, but the price is right…and it’s 1/4 mile from the ocean! Anuvue will be on the upper right corner, above the big white banner. There’s a long row of windows and a small balcony on the side. If I cut a tree down (which I won’t) I might see the ocean.

2. The second picture shows the blond hardwood floors and the vaulted ceiling with planks. That thing running along the right edge is a little half wall that divides the area from the current tenant’s desks. I think it would make a wonderful place for the main Artist’s statement at an opening.

3. The third picture shows the wall of windows (currently covered by white blinds), the entrance area (between the two walls) and kinda an overall view of the room. I intend to build movable walls that can hold art but also be rolled away to allow space for both art classes and photo shoots.

4. The fourth picture shows the little balcony. Can’t you just see the people sipping wine and nibbling snacks. The street light ahead is Pacific Coast Highway with the beach just beyond…

img_3175a1.jpgimg_3255a2.jpgimg_3256a3.jpgimg_3263a4.jpgMy posting in the next 2 months will not be everyday, as I have tried to do in the past. Dreams can be busy stuff and what the heck do I know about running a business anyway? Funny thing is, I’ve just met my new CPA Daryl…who happens to be one of the 2 moving out! He couldn’t have been a better match for me! He’s sweet, honest and he get’s it! One over, several more hurdles to jump!


10 Responses to “The chance to dream…”

  1. So proud of you! you have made such great things happen..this is a wonderful dream come true and I know you will do well. I like the building you chose, I’m sure you will make this into a place any Artist would love to come and see. Love You! The Family

  2. Good luck in your endeavour.
    Looks like a very nice space.
    I know you will make it a success!

  3. It sounds like heaven, really. It’s a gorgeous space, too. Good for you for launching into it with heart and soul. I can’t wait to see it unfold. I hope you’ll post lots of photos.

  4. Thank you everyone! My Sister’s are 2 of my biggest fans and supporters. Without their love, I’m lost.

    I’m really getting both nervous and excited. Both you M6 and yb, if you want to be included, you are both sincerely welcome. You are both very talented and more people should know that…and maybe make some cash too! From the smallest prints or woodcuts to whatever! I’m more than happy to host a show for either of you or add you to a wall. It’s a small place so I’m going to revolve artists each month so the place stays fresh with alot of diversity for people to see. Just say the word!

    And QM, if you happen to read the above, and some magical words come to mind (knowing what kind of atmosphere I’m trying to create) please do let me know what they are. You’re the best Writer I know and I would love to silk screen something inspiring on the entire glass front doors… and from you, well that would be a special honor…


  5. I wish you the best. It amazes me how you come up with such innovative ideas. I guess I didn’t get that gene.

  6. Thank you Linda…you should have met my Father…
    Some of that stuff ya just inherit! 😉

  7. Heather, dear Sister, words fail me.. so proud, so happy, I have no doubt that your dream will be a great success! Look out world, H is loose!

  8. The world is already cringing…
    Thank you Sis…now, start painting!!!

  9. missyogini Says:

    How awesome to be starting a new adventure! Best wishes! From the pics the new space looks very comfy with lots of light 🙂

  10. Thanks so much MY. I’m all about adventure so I’m quite looking forward to this one! It is a beautiful space with so much potential. I can’t wait to get at it!

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