The High Definition game


5 Responses to “The High Definition game”

  1. SA_WEET!!

  2. WOWOWOWOW, these are so cool!

  3. missyogini Says:

    How did you do this??? It reminds me of those Charles Schwab commercials!

  4. One of my Mentors and friends called, told me to turn on my computer and gave me a “High Definition” photoshop lesson right over the phone. High Definition is the newest, hottest thing in Photography. This is “my” version of it. When he saw them, he whined “I did not teach you this to do evil”…He hates modern! HA!

    These gentlemen play this game in Downtown Los Angeles (in Chinatown) almost everyday. I love to eat, especially Asian food of any kind so I drive there frequently. I always get a few shots of them while I’m there.

  5. Captured beautifully.

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