Search engines

Ok, I’m beginning to take notice of how people find my blog…I watch the search engine info. On any given day, I see “Old trains”, “Route 66” or something to do with travel.

Today…I see “Psycho Norman Bates” and they actually came to this blog… go figure 😉

7 Responses to “Search engines”

  1. Is this the Ninja forum blog?

  2. There’s always one…

  3. I came visiting from the red ravine; after your comment that reads “I doubt anyone took a chance at their dream without a great deal of fear in their heart.” It crystallized the state of mind I’m in at the moment. Your blog is beautiful. I shall return 😉

  4. Hi Lee , Welcome and thank you.

    Follow the path down to my writings on “The chance to dream” and you will then know where my dream leads.

    I’m going for mine. I hope QM follows hers. And, it sounds to me like you may have one to make happen 😉

    🙂 H

  5. H – I’m so excited about you opening this gallery. And more confused than ever how you attracted Norman followers 8)

  6. missyogini Says:

    At least you have variety in the searches that get people here. I only get pinewood derby searches!! LOL! I guess it’s my one little claim to fame 🙂 At least my 9 year old nephew thinks I’m pretty cool. I gave him my winning PWD car I made and he was so touched he gave me a big hug!

    I too am excited for you! You are one talented girl 🙂

  7. All Norman followers are welcome… I think?

    yb & M.Y. thank you both. So very sweet and encouraging you both are.

    Glad to see you’re feeling better yb!

    M.Y. I think you got the best deal with that hug. With this gallery, my totally cool Nephews think I’m now cool!

    I’m so hyper I can barely think straight anymore. I wish I could finish one thing and move on…but there is so much planning I just keep bouncing around…accomplishing nothing! It’s hysterical

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