2 weeks to keys

I will take the keys to my new Studio Gallery in about 2 weeks. Needless to say, my mind is spinning with details…all in a good sense…while my pocket book deletes at an alarming rate. I have met some very talented people in my travels the last few weeks. Everyone that meets a certain criteria will be asked to join. I have selected to begin with a few unknown Artists that specialize in jewelry, textiles, acrylic and watercolor, fusion glass, sculpture, basketry and photography and have been so very pleased with the diverse backgrounds they come from. They are all great, unique people and I am truly blessed to have connected with them. I will also add to this 2 Teachers who talents lie in drawing, painting and photography to allow the locals a chance to learn in a personal setting with no more than 10 students per class. Probably a class for the youngsters and one for the adults…depending on what we have time for. I’ve also ordered some really crazy toy-like cameras for folks to purchase. They can do things like “split screen” and “Warhol” your photos. I can’t wait until they get here!

I’ve also been able to re-join with an old friend who is a cabinet builder extroidinare. He has been so very patient with all my changes and my perfections as we’ve worked on many projects in the past. I can be quite picky when it comes to how something should look (including myself) and Anuvue will be no exception. He and I connected instantly, exchanging ideas and finding solutions for a very small building. I picked out some very unique materials to work with as I want it to be fresh and modern in styling. I will also be investing in at least one, possible more large flat panels to show off the work of other Photographers. I have selected a few Photographers that aren’t even in this Country but was so impressed by their unknown talent…well, they just have to be included. I have a few more American Artists in mind as well. (Alan and yb…are ya out there?) šŸ˜‰

I’ve made connections (and friends) with 4 Galleries outside of my city, but within 5 miles or less… and we all look forward to forming a relationship that works together for the benefit of everyone. In the meantime, I have signs to produce, graphics to complete, vendors to annoy and banners and lightboxes to be made…yikes! I’m working on botanicals at the moment…I have an idea in my head…uh oh :0



9 Responses to “2 weeks to keys”

  1. My immediate reaction upon reading the headline to this post was that you were on your way to Florida 8) .

    If your cabinetmaker friend is one who has helped the queen of halloween, then all I can say is, LUCKYYYYY!!!

  2. Good one yb…I’ve never been to The Keys and me loving both cats and Hemingway…well, it’s a darn mystery why!

    The cabinet maker, Tim, is a wonderful, jolly fellow (I can’t recall how I met him) that’s made almost every cabinet in my house! Bathroom, linen closets, tv…etc. I spared him from Halloween. I do do like him and he doesn’t know I’m crazy…yet. If he does, he’s never made mention of it…but he does smile at me alot! I took him down to the sheet metal place and it didn’t scare him off ;0 …so I think we’re gonna be ok!


  4. Looks like Bird of Paradise, the black and white one. H, they took the internet away from us at work, I used to look at your blog on break and proudly show your work to my mechanic friends, anyway, sounds like things are progressing along, so happy for you, little Sis!

  5. Kathy, all caps…you MUST like it šŸ˜‰

    Cindy, Those party pooping pinheads.
    Who do I email the complaint to?….

  6. Each one is a beauty. My oh my.

  7. missyogini Says:

    I have to admit to the same thing…my first reaction to the entry title was the Florida Keys. But that would make it about me and my experiences.

    I guess by now it is obvious I am hitting the blog in chronological order even if I am a few weeks behind.

    Doesn’t matter, with your talent I have no qualms putting full confidence behind you. I know you only have SUCCESS written all over you.

    I’m a talented person (in my own way) and I can recognize it in others. I think you are in a more competitive market certainly than me (west vs. midwest) but you have passion and talent so you’ll be fine!

    It’s like Maria said in the Sound of Music..”I Have Confidence In Me!”

  8. missyogini Says:

    P.S. I’ve mentioned this before but there is a disconnect in the timestamp. It is only 8:53 pm in Missouri right now. I’m a respectable gal!!

  9. MY, I have the same problem with the timestamp. It would appear I post at strange hours.

    I remember that song!

    Thank you for the encouraging words.

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