Strolling the market

I’ve been covering for someone at work and today I escaped at a normal time. The weather out was so beautiful, I tossed on my oldest comfy jeans and my red sandals and headed out in search of…whatever. I saw Main Street blocked off, so I got out my quarter jar and found myself a parking meter. About the closest I ever get to a Market is a Farmer’s Market and I set off with high hopes. The vendors were set up in rows up and down the whole street and I wandered aimlessly looking for subjects. My mistake was finding a guy out of Santa Monica with wonderful, reasonable Couture designs…Well, not meeting him, he was rather nice and we both agreed whole heartedly about who makes the best Chai Latte. He was shocked that I knew his secret hole (I won’t give it away). Rather my problem arose with a client’s spouse. The husband took one look at my camera and then grabbed me by the shoulder. That’s when what seemed to me to be about 2 days worth of chatter…began. He lost me somewhere between a shoot in Tahiti, surfing magazines and something about the West Indies. He had apparently every lens on the market yet he kept handling mine…and he reportedly had at least 5 or 6 cameras. He asked me every question that came to his brain and then answered all of them before I could even speak. I know I smiled alot. You know…that “pasted on grin” and I know I shook my head alot. I like my space so I had to keep backing up. I kept praying his dog-gone wife would hurry up and buy something…she probably was glad he’d latched on to me and was enjoying the “ear vacation”. Finally, she was done and as I politely prepared to make my escape…he exclaimed…”You actually shoot manual?”” AAAGGGHHHH! and yes, my meter time was up…


4 Responses to “Strolling the market”

  1. Yes,I remember that famous grin, (absolutely love it!), first time I ever saw it was on Maple street, Juliane and I saw it together, you remember it, Juliane, in front of the gardenia plants, we looked at each other and laughed so hard… our little sister was very funny, even way back then…

  2. I had to do some real thinking..but I believe I do remember that wide grin and big eyes.

  3. I’ve seen it. High school, Mrs. Moore’s class. I was standing in front of the class about to give my oral report. I look up, see that grin, those big eyes and I started to giggle which shortly became uncontrollable to the point I was asked to sit down. I never got to do that report. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Funny thing now…I no longer have my office, just a “CUBE” with the boys in the Mac Room. I had them move it to turn me facing towards to opening so no one could sneak up behind me. Now with all that glass, people are constantly telling me I make strange faces all day. It’s like I’m a monkey in the zoo!

    I can’t remember any of Cindy and Julie’s memory but I can bet I had a sheriff badge on!

    I do remember Kathy’s story but she can’t blame me for that grade. The show must go on…regardless of heckling! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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