Day 2


Today turned out a whole lot better. I got up and put my oldest, baggiest jeans and my beloved holey hippie T-shirt on and went to the Studio…to clean. I ran out of paper towels just cleaning the windows and getting some weird glue off the floor. I attacked all the stickers on the windows…God, I hate stickers… and the residue on the glass entry door from previous “Idiot-Tenant A’s logo…I must say I took obscenely great pleasure in seeing it gone.

I stood on both balconies trying to find out if I could see the ocean. I think I would have to chain saw a tree…which I would never do. But I could smell it and that’s good enough. I don’t think I’ve ever had a smile on my face at the same time I was cleaning mass quantities of dirt and grime. Today I did. My own little guy up-top is my Heather logo. I have been drawing him on things for years. He always wears the beanie and has the pointed ears…but his eyes and mouth change depending on my mood. He’s smiling because today was very good.

When I got home, I decided to be the “better man”. I called my landlord and we talked for a good long while. I think after reflecting on his actions of yesterday, he regrets his choice of words. (Instant Karma) He’s coming down to get some things straightened out, which he said he should have done. It was after all, his responsibility and he acknowledged it. Touche’. I felt relief after the conversation. I don’t like to start off bad. I think we understand each other better…but I will continue to stay alert.

Monday I meet with my loyal carpenter for last minute changes. He will bring an electrician to talk about what’s needed. We’re on our way! 🙂


2 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. It’s a fun little logo, but you know he’d rip that bow-tie off if he had any choice about it.

  2. Sam, I believe you may be right! He’s had it on a long time 😉
    Love that avatar Sam!

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