A workin’ day

1. Home Depot arrives with door and tatoo’s 6:45 AM

2. Jose arrives 7:30 AM to paint. The Pacific Ocean is just over those trees. Check out that termite damage!

3. Another glorious California Day

4. Mitch and Steve arrive 9am to demo slider

5. A simple plan

6. thru 8 The Halloween Team re-unites for a day of drywalling

9. Bugging Jose with my camera

10. gettin’ dark in that room

11. A balcony trying to be one color

12. Reflecting on the day

Downstairs is the local pizza parlor. I eat pizza once every 3 to 5 years. I don’t even like Pizza. I have eaten vegetarian pizza every night for the last 3 days…Tomorrow… more walls…less windows…and probably more pizza 😦



4 Responses to “A workin’ day”

  1. Juliane Hope Says:

    Once the neighbors find out you are the Qween of Halloween…they will understand everything. It is going to be an Awsome sight!

  2. I thought I’d go in “Low Profile” without the Royalty thing hanging over me. I want to make sure I know who my friend’s are…not just people looking to get some large candy bars out of me 😉

  3. 1. Can Mitch & Steve do sliders in NY? I’ll feed them all the NY pizza (the best) they want.
    2. OMG! Is that Mike with a power tool in hand!?!
    3. I dislike immensely (don’t like to use the word “hate”) Steve for wearing flip flops and shorts. I’m still in corduroys and sweatshirts. 😉

  4. 1. I will ask but after I’m done with them! (Mitch actually put the original window in in the 70’s)
    2. yes, frightening isn’t it! I don’t condone Micheal and power tools unless it’s Halloween.
    3. I’ve never seen him in anything but! He’s the single Dad in the neighborhood (a super nice guy) and hoping to fall over my balcony onto one of the hair salon hotties!;) Men!

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