5 Responses to “Gatekeeper”

  1. I must agree with Sumedh, H, this looks like an after death experience. How did you get this picture? Very appropriate for Easter. PS I love you.

  2. Fantastic photograph Heather!

    Deep, Dark and Mysterious.
    The composition and subject is just so absolutely POWERFUL!

    Wish I made this shot 😉

  3. Alan, I have to have one bone thrown my way…

    You have all the great shots!

  4. I have a ghost story for all. This story is a great reminder that our loved ones are and will stay with us long after they have crossed over.
    My grandfather passed away in the middle of 1992. The night we burried him, he came to me while i sat in his chair in his house watching his tv.I was watching over my grandmother that night. He turned the lights on and off and flickered the lanmp that was on the table next to the chair. I was fourteen at the time and naturally i was horrified. Not being able to move i stared at the electronics flickering and i suppose he saw that i was scared to no end and slowly he turned the lights and tv back on in order from closest to furthest from me. I stayed on the chair for a while and then went to bed. I told my grandmother what had happened and she dissmissed it. She felt i was not being maurnful. I guess i understood but the final part of the story was to come.
    I moved into the house ten years later and raised my family. My daughter would look into space and coo at nothing. She would also smile and laugh at no one when there was no one in the room. When we were to move again and began getting things ready to leave. A mirror that was bolted and glued on the wall was torn off the studs in the wall and thrown on the vanity. No way did this thing just fall and shatter like it did. I think he was showing his dissaproval of us moving. He wanted to be with his granddaughter. This happened in the nursery by the way. He shows us he is still around sometimes by opening the door or turning the tv off when we leave it on. He looks over our two children now. Every where we move we take him with us.
    In many ways this is comfurting to me knowing that my children are guarded by my grandfather who in my eyes stood taller to me than life. A good ghost to say the least. I hope you enjoyed the story and love those around you because you may have them love you back in ways never thought of before. 🙂

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