Anuvue’s Studio & Classroom

Classroom with color

After I got good word on my dear friend, I could finally get back to the business…of business! We worked the entire weekend getting the Studio / Classroom painted and into shape. The desks have been purchased, those folding white type tables that adjust to 3 heights and fold down to make way for photography work. Because the desks are servicible but lacking in “FUN”, I pepped up the room a bit. The paint guys must have asked me 3 times…lady…are you sure? HA! Mondrian is a fave of mine…so…

2 Responses to “Anuvue’s Studio & Classroom”

  1. Juliane Hope Says:

    I just love the orange and green! you picked out the best match. again, those chairs are great!

  2. Heather, I love your attention to detail on this project. So visually pleasing and upbeat! Modern.

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