Update on kathy

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for Kathy. She would be quite embarassed by all the attention…so of course I’ll make sure she knows 😉

I spoke to her briefly today and she sounded every bit her old self. No Cancer was found in the lymph nodes which was her greatest fear. Mine too. Her recovery will be slow, and she will need to go through some Chemo, but all things considered, she’s a very lucky gal…or she has some good Karma about her 😉

As a side note, another Cathy I work with, one the my Gallery Artists as well, had to go to Kaiser Hospital the same day as the first Kathy. She is also to have surgery and they are in the same hospital. Imagine their surprise when they met, while being forced to take a walk in the hallway! I can’t stop laughing at that!

My very best wishes to all the Kathy’s and Cathy’s of the world!

🙂 H


One Response to “Update on kathy”

  1. Juliane Hope Says:

    Glad to know all went well.

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