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My Neighbors Downstairs

Posted in Friends, Images, photography, Uncategorized on April 12, 2008 by anuvuestudio

The Gallery is located upstairs from a neighborhood favorite. All these years I lived here…and it’s been 16, I never really had a reason to step through the door. I don’t eat pizza much and never really had a taste for Italian food…all that “dreaded red sauce”. I’m more of a Japanese connoisseur. But, since we’ve all been working on the Gallery at night, it’s been just easier to grab a quick bite downstairs and then continue slaving away. Well, I have to say, the food is really great, but the guys…now they are just terrific! I always hear”'”Hi Neighbor” and wave back frantically. Fado, his Partners and his pizza parlor have been an institution for 20 years and I have missed out all this time…

I love Fado’s penny sign…”If you need one, take one”…”If you need two, get a job”. BTW, Fado’s on the phone 🙂