My Neighbors Downstairs

The Gallery is located upstairs from a neighborhood favorite. All these years I lived here…and it’s been 16, I never really had a reason to step through the door. I don’t eat pizza much and never really had a taste for Italian food…all that “dreaded red sauce”. I’m more of a Japanese connoisseur. But, since we’ve all been working on the Gallery at night, it’s been just easier to grab a quick bite downstairs and then continue slaving away. Well, I have to say, the food is really great, but the guys…now they are just terrific! I always hear”'”Hi Neighbor” and wave back frantically. Fado, his Partners and his pizza parlor have been an institution for 20 years and I have missed out all this time…

I love Fado’s penny sign…”If you need one, take one”…”If you need two, get a job”. BTW, Fado’s on the phone 🙂


2 Responses to “My Neighbors Downstairs”

  1. missyogini Says:

    Pizza is my favorite food. I only like cheese pizza though. Weird, I know. No one gets it. I try it everywhere I go. Obviously you remember I raved about the Lynwood Cafe when I went to Boston. Well, I used to live in St. Louis so if anyone is going to the midwest I can tell you on the south side hit St. Louis House of Pizza and on the west side or near the airport hit Serra’s Pizzeria. You can Google both. Only stlhop has a web site but Cityscape can get you directions to Serra’s. Those are the top two in the entire metropolitan area. I’m talking the best flavor.

  2. M.Y.
    I grew up with my Father’s taste for food and he loved Japanese above all else. I rarely eat pizza because I’m not a big fan of “red sauce” but I do totally get the “only cheese” part. In California, Bar-B-Que’d chicken pizza is a favorite and most other states would think that’s pretty weird. I think the thin New York pizza is the best I’ve ever had…but the next time I’m in Boston I will definitely try Linwood’s.

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