Yumiko Yanone

Yumiko (Yumi) Yanone is the newest Artist selected to show her work in the Gallery. Yumi attended Kawai Art School (Art Research Center) in Japan and continued her studies at Nagoya University of Art (also in Japan) before transferring to California State Long Beach and completing her education with a BFA – Illustration Degree. I have yet to meet Yumi in person but have corresponded through many emails and both she and I are very excited to be working together. Yumi uses a wonderful color pallet and her work is just plain fun to look at. I have included 4 paintings for you to get an idea.

Yumi uses several mediums to test her creative skills…From Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Pencil Drawing, Illustration, Character Design, Water Color, Drawing and Constructivism Painting, Pen to Interior Design, Landscape Design, Web Design and Graphic Design…And No, She is not old enough to run for President.

2 Responses to “Yumiko Yanone”

  1. Those are great! I love those!

  2. Lloyd Nagamine Says:

    Great work! Would love to see more!

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