Busy, Busy, Busy

The business of being busy…that’s where I am with Anuvue. I have spent my time running around looking at flat screens to allow Artist’s to show their portfolios digitally…because that’s where art galleries are all heading…and it will greatly help with designated space.

I’ve decided on the Sony Bravia…because, well Dang, the color is muy bueno and that is ultra critical as it relates to Art. I have 4 crammed into my living-room right now. My Husband became very annoyed with strangers inquiring why he had 4 TVs on his Sam’s Club cart…..though I thought it quite entertaining. He began ignoring them all and focused on a spot on the ceiling.

Then, we took a trip into Pasadena… Rose Bowl Country…and it was 101 degrees out there! Naturally the price of metals went up just when I had decided to design movable walls covered with stainless steel in the gallery. Have you priced stainless steel recently?…well move over BMW! So I bought the latest thing in paint…and you won’t believe it… but it’s “Liquid Stainless Steel”! and yes, it’s made from ground up, liquified stainless! You can use it on your white fridge, your red toaster, your black dishwasher and make it look like stainless. It isn’t cheap but it’s a whole lot better than the real deal. There were only 2 choices for us to drive to… to get our hands on this stuff and a 50 minute drive, well it was worth it!

From there, it was jewelry case time. We’re going to need some locking cases so I don’t have to keep my eye on all the pretties (and my feather duster too). I decided on some very contemporary, square cornered, aluminum numbers, 9 inches in height (7-1/2 usable) and various lengths to fit over the custom Baltic Birch plywood cabinetry.

I figure, if I was to sit down and total up what this weekend cost, I would have a brain aneurysm…so really… I feel at this point… it’s better to just pretend I have a very generous benefactor. I’m actually honing my make believe skills at this very moment. Then when the bills do come, I will think of all the tax write-offs for 2008…and the happy Artists with dreams…that alone will make everything worth while.

I see the Electrician on Tuesday. Please start praying for me now…just a small miracle will do nicely 😉


4 Responses to “Busy, Busy, Busy”

  1. LOL. I love how you’re writing it off to that generous benefactor. You just watch — money will drop from the sky. I have a feeling you’re blessed that way.

  2. I hope so yb…I think I’ll invest in some big buckets today! 😉

  3. missyogini Says:

    I hope the visit with the Electrician went well! I am happy to hear things are coming along. So exciting 🙂 That stainless paint looks incredible. I can imagine it’s expensive but I learned years ago it does not pay to buy cheap paint. Just get the good stuff. You’ll use less paint, have less work and it will look so much better.

  4. The electrician went great. I’ve got the guy I feel certain will do well. We instantly clicked and he was full of interesting (and money saving) ideas.
    He starts next week…and my black track lighting is wonderful!!!

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