Jim McGill

Jim has been a friend of mine for about 6 years and I’ve had an inside seat, watching his photography skills literally grow wings, take off…and soar. He will be the resident Gallery Teacher of Digital Photography and his portfolio on the Villagers in Tibet will have a permanent screen dedicated to his work. He takes about 2 trips a year to China, riding yaks and God knows what else, to get to these remote places. His imagery speaks for itself.

Along with his work, there will be hand made items that he (and others) have trekked back, allowing patrons to purchase them in the gallery. It’s impossible to import with China’s restrictions and hand carrying them as “tourist gifts” has become the only way to get them out. With the sales from these items, and continued patronage with these villages, the family members (mostly women) learn skills that allow them to support their children… and we in turn actually do a small good in the world. What could be better than that!

I am so very proud to have both his work and all the amazing woven items available for people to view together in the Gallery, allowing everyone a glimpse into their way of life and to actually have a chance to own something authentically Tibetan..


3 Responses to “Jim McGill”

  1. Wow, these photos are so vibrant and alive. The colors are amazing. My theory is that the nature around them is so gorgeous that they celebrate it by wearing beautiful blues and pinks and reds.

  2. missyogini Says:

    I agree with you ybonesy. I also agree that his work will be a fabulous addition to the gallery. I like people, plants, animals and architecture but I think my favorite shots if I have to pick are of people. I guess feel more connected even though it is just a photo. It’s probably because of the eyes.

  3. Ladies,
    Jim does take some amazing photos and his subjects are always interesting to look at, no matter how exciting or mundane the backdrop…and yes, vivid color, although I do enjoy his sepia work as well. I’m very honored to have him aboard.

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