For you poets ;)

Robert Frost said, “Being a poet is a condition, not a profession.” I understand this. Wanting to write…actually, needing to write can feel like a weight that presses upon me until I just give in and pour out my soul. So, tonight when I try to sleep – if I haven’t written some inane thing or another – the words will roll around in my head like marbles…


6 Responses to “For you poets ;)”

  1. Marbles are so beautiful, like pretty rocks. I really like this shot. It should be really big. It should be hanging on your wall. It is so colorful!

  2. The inside of my head used to look like that!

  3. This I relate to. When I neglect the voice… it screams in silence.

  4. If you are hearing voices, I’m moving to Nova Scotia…to hide.

  5. I think they have voices in Nova Scotia too.

  6. The outside of my head looks like that.

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