One room almost down…

You’ve seen the sneak preview of the classroom and now the Sony Bravia is in place. I watched the latest James bond flick on it and I am here to say…I was in 007 Heaven. ( I know you may be shocked, but yes, I am a BOND Fanatic…even have a secret agent watch!) Anyway, this beautious flat screen will allow a Teacher to show demonstrations to the Students from a lap top… while the Students themselves follow on screen.

The Teacher’s desk, files and shelving just came in from San Francisco…And where else was I to get orange furniture …people? It’s all so cool, powder coated in bright orange… with everything on wheels…and it was quite reasonable to my pocketbook. I SIMPLY LOVE IT.

Check out the hour glass on the desk. It has bright green sand and it really pours for one hour. The Teacher can flip it to allow a break at the end of each sand cycle! The 2 bright orange chairs behind the Teacher’s desk will actually be under the flat screen…waiting for use by a Parent wishing to participate in their child’s Art Class. I know how much my own Friend’s loved being involved when their children were young so…well, you get the idea.

All the white student desks and chairs fold up so that everything in the room is portable. It allows me to basically fold it all up from a classroom and turn it into a photography studio. I’ll add some roll down backdrops, a few props and voila…instant studio! Oh yeah… a Model might be good too! 😉

There is a tiny model changing room in the back…or a storage place for openings when I don’t want to use all the furniture. The Teacher’s desk can roll in front of the flat screen and with a laptop, a Model can see shots taken just moments after the action.

And…all the student desks can be pushed together to become one big banquet table to hold appetizers for the openings… while some artsy video, portfolio or whatever is playing on the flat screen to entertain the gathering. I’m all about multi-purpose and I think this room is up to it…and even better…won’t interfere with the gallery itself.

12 Responses to “One room almost down…”

  1. jef beirinckx Says:

    Magnificent! A marvellous opportunity for everyone who loves “photography”! Great work!

  2. Thank you Jef!

    I had alot of fun putting this room together. It was a sad little office that needed some serious cheering up… and it will really be wonderful to see a class full of inspired students working on something they love.

    It’s a shame you don’t live closer so you could share it with us. 😉

  3. Very Snappy, Very Happy! We are so, so proud of you! You are the Shining Joy!

  4. It’s gorgeous. I want to take a class there!!!!

  5. yb…you are always welcome 😉

  6. missyogini Says:

    I am digging the classroom/mingling room! It’s really coming along beautifully. I have actually always loved the color orange. I don’t know why it went so wrong in my bedroom! I was going to repaint it a more appealing shade of orange but due to it’s small size I feel like I have to go with a lighter color to “open” the room up.

    The flat screen is great idea. I love the idea of “marrying” art and technology. I love art and creativity but I have to admit my talents lie more on the technology side. I have always enjoyed using technology to be creative 🙂

  7. My talents lie on the creative side M.Y…it’s a dang good thing I have friends from the Tech side to help! You might try painting just one wall your beloved orange as an accent, then a nice complementary light color on the other three. Then add some orange accents around the room to tie it all in. Introduce a third darker, contrasting color… and you will have a winner

    😉 H

  8. Is that ah-range or or-ange. K from NY

  9. She couldn’t say it when she lived in California…I’m willing to bet it’s worse now…

  10. Heather, it’s wonderful!

  11. missyogini Says:

    I will have to give the paint job a little more thought. I had thought about using a darker color on one wall but wasn’t sure which one to go with. There is not “solid” wall. Each wall either has doors or a window. Although the most solid chunk of wall is the one that has the door into the room and it houses the head of my bed. I am planning to use that wall to center and hang a gold guilded antique mirror that came from my grandmother’s house.

    I have hung it above my sofa in the last two places I lived but in this small waterfront place I actually have the sofa dividing up my living and dining spaces. Since I don’t have a headboard I thought it would look nice above the bed. Maybe I can post pics of my bedroom as it is so you can see what I’m working with.

  12. missyogini Says:

    Hi Ladies! I posted pics of my orange bedroom. I definately need help! If anyone wants to help or just see the trainwreck the pics are at my username Thank you in advance for your assistance 🙂

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