More enthusiastic guests

The real test of anything cool is to ask a teen what they think. I had three very lovely girl’s stop by for a short visit with their Mother, none of whom I’d previously met. I told them what Anuvue was about and what my future plans were and they were all very enthusiastic. When I can make three teenage girls grin from ear to ear (and eyes light up, dance and sparkle)…well people… that’s a very good sign. They graciously modeled for me in front of my little mural and well, you can see for yourself, just how charming these three are…

3 Responses to “More enthusiastic guests”

  1. I hope you gave them a copy of this photo. I’m sure it’s about the best shot of the three of them that they’ve seen in a long time! I love it!

  2. Thank you yb…I will do just that!

  3. So beautiful! You know, H, it reminds me of another shot of three beautiful girls in a little fishing boat…

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