Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours

Well, it all comes down to feeling secure…doesn’t it? Today when I arrived at the Studio… already gathered there were my Carpenter Tim, my electrician Alex…and my new friend, Walter. Now Walter is in charge of security and we sat and chatted about how I wanted to keep everything safely where it’s been put, not to mention the classroom across the hall.

I only wanted one service and didn’t want a separate cost for each room…since I am literally bleeding money at this point. I really hit a main artery in that last 2 days…(Man, that imaginary wealthy benefactor has been a God-send). (That and the fact that I don’t drink)

Walter came up with a wonderful plan that includes motion detectors and separate key-pads and secret codes and even a “hang-around-my-neck” panic button. (Not a German Shepard in sight). It all sounded so very James Bond…who could resist?

Walter took a seat at my half finished, gigantic reception desk…(which I totally deserve at this point). It’s all shiny and new, even without the top on or the aluminum (way cool) sheet metal that wraps around the front. I rolled my lobster red chair behind it and sat and stared for a while…then I rolled it safely away again. I shot him as he sat writing up yet another contract for me to sign…I may have just bought a Yugo for all I know…

4 Responses to “Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours”

  1. I’ve got two great watch dogs for hire. One will lick any intruder to death. The other, well, you may not see anything but her nose and pointed ears sticking out from beneath a desk, but she has a mean bark that will make ’em run for the hills. They’ll do it all for a milkbone and belly rub! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Juliane Says:

    One good bark is worth a thousand words.

  3. missyogini Says:

    You know what they say…Trust in God, but lock up your stuff!!

  4. I’ve seen those dogs Kathy. They would be frightened of me…

    My cats would be very jealous Julie…Mavis would be appalled…

    Absolutely two very good truths I live by Tammy…



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