Damn Blind Monkeys

Damn Blind Monkeys Copyright © 2008 All Rights reserved under ANUVUE Studio

Damn Blind Monkeys
surrounded all around
reeking their havoc
while makin no sound

Damn Blind Monkeys
runnin me a-ground
steppin on my happy
And bringin me down


7 Responses to “Damn Blind Monkeys”

  1. OK, almost as creepy as clowns, or that cookie jar you have.

  2. is that the rally monkey

  3. This is a great visual if anyone ever wants to depict Monkey Mind.

    BTW, I hate to point this out, but your monkey’s tail is a bit oddly place 8) .

  4. Given the other 2 commentors yb, I’m surprised you were the first to mention it…

    😉 H

  5. Lesa, are we going to let her get away with that!

  6. juliane Says:

    I am sad for that blind monkey. Like the ball in cast away.

  7. i’m loving it !!! 🙂

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