Vintage Photo

Well, I guess I should have really known, but for some reason I ended up on ebay and found out they actually sell art. They sell everything else… It just never dawned on me! I haven’t had a good ebay battle since the 6th James Bond joined the ranks and I was in a mad battle for his first official photo release with autograph…hey, ya got to collect something! That was when text messaging first came out to let you know you’d been outbid and at 275.00 I finally folded. Heck, even Sean Connery was only 125.00!

Anyway, I found this really cool shot from 1958 of these children on Quemoy Island. Thought I share it with you…and NO, I didn’t put in a bid.

4 Responses to “Vintage Photo”

  1. Heartbreaking photo.

    I get into eBay moods, and I’ll spend days searching for and bidding on items. Then I’ll go for long periods where I don’t go near it. It’s almost like a binge addiction.

  2. OMG yb…is it. One time I got into a war with someone over an old Victorian jet mourning broach from England. My dear friend had just lost her beloved Dad and I was bound and determined to give that thing to her to wear. I finally got it in the end. When it came in the mail, it was so very tiny, about 1/2″ in height… I remember how hard I laughed at the thought of the battle waged for this little pin. She loved it and wore it proudly in memory of her Papa. 😉

  3. I am wearing it this evening! I am going to the wake of Joseph’s girlfriend’s Great-Grandmother. I met her a couple of times and she was as sharp as a tack at 90.

  4. How cool is that!

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