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We’re getting close…

Posted in Uncategorized on May 19, 2008 by anuvuestudio

The official signs will go up next week for Anuvue Studio. There’s no turning back now. My Friend Jim took great care and worked long hours to get the window graphics just right. These photos will join the signs soon thereafter, covering all the front windows, adding some interest to a very old building. I spent the day with a paint brush, SP 75 and large hat, transforming the “Baby Blue”rod iron to matte black so the signs that hang from the front side will blend into the back side and look good from our little balcony view.

It has become a real labor of love getting things coordinated and making sure all the companies involved in various services show up and do what they’ve promised and actually know what they’re doing. I have determined that American workers in general…are a very lazy lot. They are poorly trained and if they are trained, they don’t really offer prompt, knowledgeable customer service that makes you feel confident about what they tell you. They simply don’t take pride in a job well done. Some do, but they are hard to find.

I know what it’s like to work very hard to make sure people’s needs are met…on time and that all the t’s are crossed. I do it day in, day out. I know my job and if I don’t have the answers, I sure as heck know how to get them. I was taught to do things in only one manner…the “give it all ya got and then some more”. Not so with many of the large companies supplying phone, internet, cable, alarm and other type services that we can’t do business without.

Thankfully, I was blessed with a very talented, dependable carpenter, an excellent drywaller, an amazing electrician and brilliant sign maker…the very best people around. Anuvue itself will be a people place… our mission statement is this simple

A new view into the world of Art…

Where creativity, limited only by it’s
creator’s imagination,

joins those who come to observe,
learn and participate.

Welcome to Anuvue

I’ve found some very fine Teachers who will share their many talents with those who want to learn. I have chosen excited, talented Artists, without agendas…that just want to be part of something new and fun. I feel truly blessed. As that sign is hoisted in the air…I plan to stand there with my camera to capture a new beginng. A tear or two may even fall but they’ll be joined by a big smile on my face.

I expect our grand opening mid June, That’s a little behind…but it will be great and i will be sure and share it with all of you.