Fisheye Lens on Sale

A friend of mine has a Canon fisheye lens for sale. I haven’t tried a fisheye lens but had been considering one for skateboard shots. While he’s only asking 400 bucks for a 600 dollar lens, it might as well be 4 millions bucks with all the cash I’ve shelved out in the last month towards the Gallery…but I took it for a test drive anyway…just for fun. I gave myself 15 minutes, starting from my living-room, past the cat room, on to Starbucks and back…hey, I still have to have my COFFEE!

5 Responses to “Fisheye Lens on Sale”

  1. Those kittys’ look a little on edge..

  2. That lens is cool.

  3. missyogini Says:

    I agree with Cindy…that lens is cool! I have always wanted to get one but never did because of the expense. Sadly, I haven’t taken out my 35mm camera in a couple of years. I am afraid it might not even work anymore!

    It is a ’93 Minolta Maxuum. I only have one lens for it which is a Sigma 35mm-80mm zoom. At the time it seemed the most economical since it was like several lenses in one. I do have quite a few filters for it though. I’ll tell you I am so ready to take a road trip. I am planning to go at the end of June with my friend Sue. She also enjoys road trips and picture takin’. I may drag out the old camera bag and go old school.

  4. That’s the very best way to take a road trip…with a friend and a camera. Get that baby dusted off, clean that lens and get going!

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