Paying it forward

I am in need of a painter. The gallery has very high pitched walls with a beautiful wooden ceiling. I don’t have a ladder that even remotely will get me to the top…and given 2 Halloween events ago and my “ladder incident”, I wouldn’t even think of it for my poor right ankle’s sake.

So…last evening I got out the “Yellow Book” which covers my entire area. I opened it to the painter section and flipped through. Me being “picky”, I chose the ad with the best looking design. It was simplistic, angled and had good graphic elements applied. Now I realize that most of you out there (who don’t know me) are trying to figure out what the heck an ad has to do with the quality of a paint service. Not a whole lot.

But, as I’ve said before, there are powers working here that are much greater than me. I’m just the one who is putting them into action. So I called John’s Quality Painting and as it happens, John lives about 1.5 miles from me. He came over within 20 minutes to have a look at the area. John is about 22-25 (I’m guessing) and as I spoke to him, I knew a kindred spirit and shared the many details of this gallery adventure. In return John shared his love of Interior Design and Architecture with me and I got to know a bit about him. When John left I felt confident I had found the right person.

I spoke to John today, so I could get his pricing and let him know the color choices I’ve made. John told me over the phone he would accept no money from me for the gallery painting. He wanted to do it as a gift to the cause. I was stunned…still am to be truthful. He just wants to be a part in helping. He said he believes in “paying it forward’ (my own motto)…at that I had to hold back some tears…

I hope to see alot of John hanging out at the gallery in the future. He has a great heart and is definitely my kind of people.


6 Responses to “Paying it forward”

  1. You are as lucky and blessed as my 9-year-old daughter! What a cool story.

    And, I love the photo. How did you do that?

  2. Well yb, I took a plain photo my buddy Jim shot with my camera while visiting the Studio with Family and Friends. I made it cool in photoshop which he calls plagerism, I call it a victim of my whim. It was, after all, hostage on my CF card. 😉

  3. Karma works in mysterious ways and he is working his way to heaven 😉

  4. missyogini Says:

    Hi H!

    I wish I was as good with Photoshop as you are. My pictures need the touch of “whim.”

    Thank you so much for checking out my bedroom which needs mucha ayuda! I will have to print out your comment–you gave me so many ideas!! I have been laid up with back spasms so after getting off work the last thing I have felt like doing is jumping on the computer.

    I also like the orange. My original intention was to paint it the same or even a richer shade of orange. But then I got to thinking maybe a lighter color would make the tiny space look larger. I don’t know. First instinct is probably always best. I am going to have a busy holiday weekend with family and friends but I’m very excited and as soon as my back stops acting up I am going to get to paintin’!

  5. Hi Tammy, I’m sorry to hear about your back but I’m sure you’ll be right as rain very soon! Orange is indeed a wonderful cheery color and currently very much in vogue…Glad to be of service. I’m a closet interior designer and every once in a while I step outside the door 😉

    Have a wonderful time with your Family!

  6. Heather, that is an amazing happening. You seem to have them coming to you a lot. I agree with Lesa, yes sir! Could be another one helping you out too….

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