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Anuvue stands to have it’s grand opening July 12th…that’s if I’m still standing! I’ve changed the date more times than I really care to mention based on the city slapping my hand. And I’m not at liberty to ad-lib on that 😉

This week was the WHEW! I’ve been under the weather and lost 5 days, laying in that bed until I thought I would chew nails. I finally took every drugstore remedy (band-aid) and sucked it up Krisher style. On Thursday I went back to work and then went and met a new artist at her home. It’s too late to introduce her now but it was a good meeting. Friday I dropped off files for the first 2 offical Anuvue T-shirts and I can’t wait to see them. Then I met another artist, Laura (painter), at the studio and got to see her eyes light up when she saw the place. We sat on the new patio and chatted for a while. She’s has such a lovely positive outlook on everything. It’s a pleasure to be her new friend.

Saturday Mike and I hit a large hardware store to load up on paint and we were off. When we arrived, my buddy Jim was already working fast and furious on setting up the new mac that will run all the flat screens that hold the artist’s portfolios. He was immersed in Apple TVs and Time Machines and Airports and a whole lot of cords.

I moved on and rolled up my sleeves and headed for the creepy common bathrooms that we all share. My old buddy Claude showed up in time to water the plants on the patio and then came Jamie (Anuvue’s Young Rembrandt’s class teacher) and Loren (the smartest man I know). It was very sweet to watch Jamie unload her art supplies and carefully arrange them on her shelves. I didn’t risk a picture because I didn’t want her to know I was there and spoil the moment. You cannot imagine what it feels like to watch a lifelong friend setting up for something she’s so excited about and having had a part in it. It’s that good.

Mike and I worked on the dang bathrooms until midnight and finally stopped. The man’s either crazy or he likes me as I am…even while he’s grumbling. Somewhere in there 3 of my neighbors showed up for a tour and then my carpenter Tim with 2 more movable walls that he and Mike carried up the require 19 steps…twice while I logically I hid in the bathroom.

When I got up today, barely, after exactly 2 hours (6 total in 3 days) of really bad sleep due to this bloody hacking all night, I headed straight to ikea to find the necessary pretties to style up the ladies room cheaply. I hit gold in brain ideas and happily left with my purchases. Mike was found back in the bathroom attaching a new light fixture so we can now “See” in the ladies room.

At about 1pm MaryBeth ( another talented painter) came down from Long Beach and dropped off some paintings. She’s working on another tree that is very exciting. I showed her around (big grin on her face) and then Kweli (Jewelry Artist) showed up from Long Beach as well. Heck, they could have carpooled if they’d known each other. Now they do. When later on I watched them hug each other, well people, that is what this is all about. Communing with good people on our own little adventure. That was a great moment ( heck 2 moments I’d had at this point).

MaryBeth went to work putting wires on her paintings while I showed Kweli around and it suddenly became apparent that Kweli had come to work. We were looking at some bars that extend from the ceiling to the track lighting that needed to be sleeved in black so they wouldn’t stand out. She grabbed a ladder and went to town while I stood there gawking at her know-how. I just couldn’t see how this tiny woman was going to reach the height she would need. But, she fed that dang sleeve up the bars by slowly snaking it up inch by inch. Even Mike was impressed.

MayBeth got done and headed on home, Kweli soon to follow…and then Cathy (Fused Glass Artist) came in to see the glass cubes designed to show her work. She got to meet my carpenter Tim and his very sweet wife, Dee as they had come to work on the movable walls. Cathy showed them her glass and told them how she created it while I continued in those dang bathrooms. She got her figuration’s down so she knew what would fit and then headed out herself. Next came the Pizza guys from downstairs to get a tour…I think my head might have been spinning at that point.

We finished the bathrooms (with God bless her), Dee on her knees side by side with me while we stretched the new bathroon “Art” and Mike stapled it to a wood frame. He and I finished at 7pm after everyone was gone and the transformation in the ladies room is pretty darn good. I still need some artsy touch in the mens and I felt good, at least mentally, after it was done. Physically I’m not even sure I’ll be able to get my butt out of this chair and I’m sure as heck not going to ask Mike because I can hear him snoring in the next room 😉 Pictures to follow.

Crazy Cameras

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I saw a cool camera collection at the Eastman House where Charlie the Tuna was displayed. While hunting for a good photo to show you, I found one man’s amazing collection of plastic cameras. Moshe Ber-el…that’s one great collection buddy!

CHARLIE TUNA camera, USA by WhiteHouse
This camera is shaped like the STARKIST TUNA figure. It uses 126 cartridge film and a flash cube can be attached to Carlie’s head.

A 110 camera in a Mickey Mouse head. Flash cube on top of head and the lens is in the nose.

A great novelty, toy with a real camera! (Propably the best collectible novelty-camera). Takes 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ photos on direct positive paper, includes an in-camera processing (see the photo bellow).
Comes with disguises for the kids and has a special effect extra lens (The tomato soup…)

Back view: notice the view finder and at the bottom the black developing tank (plastic). A inner cutter is moved from side to side in order to cut the photo-paper thus the already photographed paper falls into the tank.

Can cameras: A promotion camera made in the actual size of the can

The film is advanced by turning the silver cap of the can

Box cameras: Promotion camera made in the actual size of a Cigarette pack

And the same design & size to resemble a fruit juice drink box

Assemble kit: built a camera housing for a single use camera (included). You’ll have 2 strings one attached to your kite and the second attached to your camera’s shutter release so you can take a photo from up in the sky. If to want to take another photo you’ll have to bring down your kite.

The Voltron figure closes (transforms) into a 35mm SLR camera, while it has a real 110 camera at the top.

Hanna Barberra
1978 – Fred Finstone & Yoggi Bear, 126-film

Bugs Bunny Made by Helm, 126-film

POTENZA tire camera, JAPAN 1950s
This camera is shaped like a Bridgestone tire. Uses 110 cartridge film. Single speed shutter.

Anuvue Vinyl

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I’ve been out of commission and as I write this my eyeballs are burning. Seems another lovely flu bug has bit me. Wash those hands people! I took a quick shot the other day of the vinyl on the windows. The sign guys totally took me by surprise when I pulled into the driveway. The B/W photos are up and they really look cool. Half are by my friend Jim McGill featured in my blogroll at Photo444 and the other half are my own. If you take your finger and cover up the 2 signs below, it looks alot better 😉 Well…that’s what I do! Back to bed!

Building Anuvue’s Patio

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I’m one of those people that picks things up along the way…in my travels…and then throws them together for the fun of it. I worked on the patio for Anuvue getting it ready for the grand opening. It’s missing the flat screen that will hang on the stucco above the storage/ seating container for all the people hanging out. This thing has come a long way from the termite infested, paint peeling, sun beating down, light baby blue rod iron mess it was prior. It has a covered roof, the rod iron is now black and has black backing, the cement floor has been painted and well…here’s where I am at this moment…Please watch your step around those Damn Blind Monkeys 😉

Shiela (i before e)

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Jamie (Anuvue’s Art Teacher) and I traveled tonight to Burbank, one of the cutest little sleepy towns in Southern California. Burbank has Jay Leno and the Disney Studios…but more important, it has Shiela. Now Shiela and I go back…way back…oh just forget about how far back people! What’s important here is that Shiela has more talent in her baby toe than most people have in their whole family…say 4 generations back. She’s a sculptor, painter, illustrator, author, admirable Mother and I believe she still may even remember how to play the clarinet (though I don’t ask for fear she’d break it out). Sheila is also one of the most wonderful people God ever set on the planet, one of the few people in the world to know all my hidden secrets and still love me and I am astoundingly proud of her and so glad to have her work at the gallery.

Currently she is working on a large Golfing figure (in her driveway, where else?) for a local golf course and a Tycho drummer for an award winning Architect. I have featured her large sculpture that sits in front of the Burbank Police and Fire Station and has been on TV many times, especially after 9-11 on the West Coast. I remember going to the unveiling celebration of “The Guardians”. “No big deal” she said. When I saw the “fly over” I had the sneaking suspicion it was just a little more. I sat teary-eyed on my folding chair, along with the rest of our lifelong schoolmates, thinking about how far her work had come. I still have my graphite sketch from high school that she did of my beloved (back then) Paul McCartney. I think even he would have approved.

Shiela studied art at Long Beach State, met and married fellow Artist Ray, who is amazing in his own creativity and the nicest guy on the planet. I think the best part of the match was that she finally got her big Italian last name to go with her French Italian heritage. The woman cooks a mean pot of meat sauce people! They have 2 beautiful children…and lets just say… all that talent…well it all got passed on. It gives me the greatest, proudest pleasure to have you meet Shiela… one of my 3 dearest, lovely, lifelong friends.

As side note, I should say (because it’s important to her) that the angel below is a study (re-creation) of an early Master (I’m guessing Botticelli) and it’s not an original idea…although…take a look…would you care? It’s beautiful. Also a reminder, as in all the Artist’s portfolios, these shots do not do begin to her work justice.


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This past Sunday, I spent traveling to Long Beach to visit with two of the Studio Artists. My second stop was about 8 miles from the first, at the home of Kweli, a very talented jewelry Artisan. I met Kweli at a show a few months back in Santa Ana. The city of Santa Ana has an emerging group of Artists that either live or frequent the downtown Grand Central Art Gallery, subsidized by a local State College. A few times a year the folks that live there open their studios allowing regular folks and potential art buyers to walk through and see their work. I love to go and talk with the local Artists and see what’s new.

I was there with my camera one night when I happened upon Kweli. She was there selling the most eye catching, intricate, one-of-a-kind jewelry…something I can never pass up. I spoke to her briefly about her work and found her to be such a gentle spoken, sincere lovely woman, that I took a chance about letting her in on my little secret about a future gallery. I think it was then that we argued back and forth about her insisting I take a pair of earring with her card attached so that I would remember her. We went back and forth until I finally I caved in…well…you have to see those earrings to understand my weakness 😉

Kweli lives in Long Beach and works as an Electrician by day and finds time for her Art and show events in between. When I arrived at Kweli’s house I was greeted at the porch with a hug and a big smile… and when I entered her house, I realized quite quickly that not only was Kweli a jewelry master, she’s a painter and potter too. She had paintings displayed around the room showcasing magnificent colors and graphics, intricate African motif pottery and oh yes…a fabulous collection of necklaces and matching earring sets…and absolutely all of them could be hanging off my neck and ears! I totally gawked at everything!

She showed me all around her lovely home and I got to see the studio she has set up, complete with some of the most amazing beads I’ve ever come across. A friend back from a recent trip to Africa, had brought her some large, glossy pieces of deep red coral to work with and I can’t wait to see what she creates with it… Some large, golden, oval shaped beads also caught my attention and if I remember right, they were from Afghanistan. I know she’ll make something wonderful with them.

Kweli has a sparkle about her…a certain grace that drew me in. She and I are close in age and she totally understands where I am at at this part of my life. I believe she and I will be great friends. Meet Kweli, one inspiring woman.


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I spent Sunday visiting two of the Studio Artists to see what they were working on and talk about what we will be showing for the opening. The first stop I made was to the south end of Long Beach to see a lovely young woman named MaryBeth. MaryBeth lives in one of the cutest, vintage, single bedroom apartments I’ve ever seen along with her adopted cat, Mr. Kitty. Her home has all the old colored tiles I remember from the 40’s in the bathroom and kitchen and she is blessed with wonderful natural light filtering throughout…just perfect for painting. As and added bonus, because her apartment sits on the end, it gets a very pleasant, crisp ocean breeze.

MaryBeth works full time for one of the Deans at USC and finds time to paint, draw and be creative in between. Right now she’s working on a series of trees from photos she took on a recent visit to her home town in Humbolt, California. One particular painting she’s currently working on really caught my attention because of its likeness to a photographic negative. It’s colorful, graphic and visually quite stunning.

She also works on very small, intricate illustrations produced on vintage paper from Europe. My lack of a proper lens does not even begin to do these illustrations justice and I will attempt in the future to get a better likeness… enabling you to see the detail and time that goes into them. She said she liked working on them because she could take them virtually anywhere and draw when she felt inspired with a limited amount of space to work in. I love that idea.

I met MaryBeth at a small show in Long Beach a few months back after a tip off from my Family and I was not disapointed. She had one painting of hers on display amongst a group of other Artists. It was from her “Under Water” series…work based on moving away from things familiar to her and feeling overwhelmed. That explanation got my attention…and stuck with me. We chatted about her life and the evolution of her work, I met Mr. Kitty, took some shots and then headed on my way to the second Artist. I found MaryBeth to be a sincere woman with a warm smile and gracious charm. I am so happy to see her excitement and very proud to have her aboard. Meet the talented MaryBeth…oh…and her side kick…Mr. Kitty 😉

Looking back

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Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back
and realize they were the big things.

–   Robert Brault

June 5th

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If you are going through hell… keep going.
Winston Churchill

I need anyone and everyone that reads my blog (and those who just happened upon it) to get up on Thursday and simply say “Keep going”. I believe in Karma and the power of positive energy sent from others…even when they don’t know why. I promise to write an “Erma Bombeck” explanation in exchange for those blindly given positive thoughts.

June 5th Folks. Please remember…It’s important.

Images: James Nachtwey

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Blackness for 25 seconds…