June 5th

If you are going through hell… keep going.
Winston Churchill

I need anyone and everyone that reads my blog (and those who just happened upon it) to get up on Thursday and simply say “Keep going”. I believe in Karma and the power of positive energy sent from others…even when they don’t know why. I promise to write an “Erma Bombeck” explanation in exchange for those blindly given positive thoughts.

June 5th Folks. Please remember…It’s important.

9 Responses to “June 5th”

  1. You’re as bad as I am. Last Friday I missed doing lunch duty at Joseph’s school because I thought it was Thursday.
    This Thursday is the 5th, but I will do it both days if need be! 😉

  2. Thank you Kathy! You always have my back…

  3. Juliane Says:

    Kathy, it was Thurs, somewhere else, so don’t feel bad. H. you remind me of Dick Tracy. Keep going, got it.

  4. Heather, it is almost 4:00 am, lets see, that would be thursday morning (can’t spell and work swing shift) as your older sis, I feel a great need to send a BLAST of energy toward you! You are probably sleeping now, you will begin to feel it. If you have a bad head ache or whatever it is, across the miles, big sis is sending strength to you, one that I love so much! (you know I’m mushy)

  5. Juliane Says:

    KEEP GOING! it’s Thurs boogaloo..boogaloo..boogaloo on you know who.

  6. It’s still Thursday! I’m going to work now, I am still sending energy to you. It’s coming in waves down the coast line! Yeah! like Juliane Hope says, KEEP GOING!

  7. Juliane Says:

    Listen to your big sis! she is right.

  8. go…go…go…go…go…go…go…go…

  9. Well, my dear, I missed Thu, but that’s the day I took a bunch of students out to lunch. It was a positive day, so good stuff was definitely happening.

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