Anuvue Vinyl

I’ve been out of commission and as I write this my eyeballs are burning. Seems another lovely flu bug has bit me. Wash those hands people! I took a quick shot the other day of the vinyl on the windows. The sign guys totally took me by surprise when I pulled into the driveway. The B/W photos are up and they really look cool. Half are by my friend Jim McGill featured in my blogroll at Photo444 and the other half are my own. If you take your finger and cover up the 2 signs below, it looks alot better 😉 Well…that’s what I do! Back to bed!


2 Responses to “Anuvue Vinyl”

  1. Looks great – I love it!!!

  2. Thanks Heather for all the great shots of your progress, I am so happy for you! Hope you get feelin’ better real fast..XXOO

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