Crazy Cameras

I saw a cool camera collection at the Eastman House where Charlie the Tuna was displayed. While hunting for a good photo to show you, I found one man’s amazing collection of plastic cameras. Moshe Ber-el…that’s one great collection buddy!

CHARLIE TUNA camera, USA by WhiteHouse
This camera is shaped like the STARKIST TUNA figure. It uses 126 cartridge film and a flash cube can be attached to Carlie’s head.

A 110 camera in a Mickey Mouse head. Flash cube on top of head and the lens is in the nose.

A great novelty, toy with a real camera! (Propably the best collectible novelty-camera). Takes 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ photos on direct positive paper, includes an in-camera processing (see the photo bellow).
Comes with disguises for the kids and has a special effect extra lens (The tomato soup…)

Back view: notice the view finder and at the bottom the black developing tank (plastic). A inner cutter is moved from side to side in order to cut the photo-paper thus the already photographed paper falls into the tank.

Can cameras: A promotion camera made in the actual size of the can

The film is advanced by turning the silver cap of the can

Box cameras: Promotion camera made in the actual size of a Cigarette pack

And the same design & size to resemble a fruit juice drink box

Assemble kit: built a camera housing for a single use camera (included). You’ll have 2 strings one attached to your kite and the second attached to your camera’s shutter release so you can take a photo from up in the sky. If to want to take another photo you’ll have to bring down your kite.

The Voltron figure closes (transforms) into a 35mm SLR camera, while it has a real 110 camera at the top.

Hanna Barberra
1978 – Fred Finstone & Yoggi Bear, 126-film

Bugs Bunny Made by Helm, 126-film

POTENZA tire camera, JAPAN 1950s
This camera is shaped like a Bridgestone tire. Uses 110 cartridge film. Single speed shutter.


4 Responses to “Crazy Cameras”

  1. Juliane Says:

    I’m sure we must of had one of these growing up! pretty interesting collection of cameras.

  2. Hey Folks,
    I recently bought a Mickey Mouse head camera at a yard sale that looks like yours but must be older. It has two holes in the top for a flash attachment of some kind and looks like it might use 126 cartridges instead of 110. Have you any knowledge of this? What a great wacky world…
    Thanks, Glenn

  3. Hi Glenn, welcome to Anuvue!

    You know, I got these photos off different websites because I’m a photographer that loves cameras. I don’t know much about the collecting to be honest. I just enjoyed the wackiness of these.

    I would search the web for a collector that does know their stuff.

    If I come across something myself, i will forward it to you.

  4. Very nice collection. My wife and I also collect vintage cameras and have most of the cameras you have posted, as well as many others. We currently have just over 300 unique cameras in our collection. If anyone is interested feel free to view A Nerds World (dot) com.

    Keep collecting!

    Chris A. Hughes

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