my week

Only about 10 days before the big opening and I believe I am more tired and more wired than I have been in my entire life! Anuvue looks fabulous although you’ll have to take my word on that since I’ve taken no update photos. I have been busy searching credit card machines, t-shirts, food, glass for my desk and for my old guitar teacher to play at the reception…only to find he has moved to Kauai.

Through the search for Jeremy, I have met “on line”, a wonderfully helpful young woman named Kathy who has worked diligently to help a complete stranger (me) find some musical talent. In the midst of the search, low and behold, my old teacher got ahold of me and is actually flying out to play. I could not be happier….because even if the food is lousy…not a soul will notice šŸ˜‰ and I will get to meet Kathy at the reception!

I walked the Studio last night looking over each painting carefully. I moved them around about 100 times trying to get a feeling for how I want them to be hung. My husband just kept rolling his eyes to the heavens with a pained look on his face. I decided finally it will just be easier to group each Artist’s work together so they don’t have to search around for their own work. By tomorrow, that could change based on size and color grouping!

This week I have learned how to remove a dent from a canvas, how to add putty to a frame to cover scratches, that I can never have art in the same room as painters, that not all people I counted on kept their word and that sometimes a complete stranger can make the most amazing new friend.


3 Responses to “my week”

  1. The “Look”. I had to laugh. Last weekend I was explaining the “Look” as I told the tale of how we were in Long Beach and decided to pop into one of those discount clothing stores. I recall heading toward the changing room with yet another armful of clothes to try on, when I looked up and saw Micheal leaning in the doorway eating an ice cream cone with that “pained look on his face”. I think we were about 3 hours into our spree. He is a saint. šŸ˜‰ Good luck and best wishes, My Dear!

  2. missyogini Says:

    Hang in there H! It is going to be perfect! Best wishes from the middle of the US of A!

  3. I hope you and Mike have a great 4th! I am at work in the parts dept. I have found the internet! Sure wish I was there, Heather, thank you much for asking me to do some water colors for Anuvue. I will do some when I’m able. It is an honor! Don’t work too hard, love, cindy

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