Anuvue Studio

I thought I would show you some photos of the Studio before our grand opening gala. I took some quick shots to give you an idea of the basic layout.

This is the entrance where you are greeted by a modern stainless fountain and some cool patterned carpets. I had banners signs made so that each artist would get recognition for their work and so that families could see…and be as proud of them as I am.

Then you step inside…this is looking back out

When you walk in, you can see 4 movable walls which accommodate 8 pieces of work. The ends, where the wood is, actually open to become a storage unit as well. I have clear acrylic sleeves on each end to supply the viewer information on both the work they see and the Artist themselves. The silver sides have been painted with liquid stainless steel and then clear coated for protection. Each and every wall is edged with metal and all the tops have hooks so that all the art can be suspended from wire…rather than having holes put in walls. After suspension, I use museum wax and a level to make sure each piece stays in place.

Upon entering the Studio gallery, you turn right and are faced with you first view of artwork on the movable walls and a quick view of the gallery.The reception desk, on the left, has been accented with a special patterned aluminum…one I fell in love with long ago an had to incorporate. All the furniture in the Studio is made from Baltic birch plywood. Above the reception desk…in a place of prominence…are my Father’s beautiful 1940’s hand carved bamboo fishing poles. I took great delight in people pondering them at the opening…Here you see Lori’s work prominent.

When you turn around you are faced with lovely floating glass cubes. They are really attached to wall…but the illusion of hanging from the stainless tubing is kinda fun. On the right side, the flat screen holds my portfolio. Below, in the 2 glass jewelry cases and also the one to the left of them, Kweli’s one-of-a-king jewelry sits glittering.

In the glass cubes: On right and left double boxes: Cathy’s beautiful fused glass in a myriad of colors. In the center cube and below in the jewelry case that’s center, Audrey’s amazing Native American pine needle basketry…and Audrey is 87 years young folks. The left jewelry case of the 3 holds Gina’s hand etched and hand dyed velvet shawls…and they are to die for. Next to the shawls…in the same case, are Darcy’s hand made, one of-a-kind Rosaries..and they are very clever and unusual.

Then, on the left side, Jim has his documentary Tibetan photos of the Amdo Tribe and their handicrafts are displayed below. These items are my pride, my joy and they give me the greatest sense of well being.

Standing back to look at it all…

Then as you turn, you see the very back free standing wall built over the existing windows. You can see Yumiko’s light green canvases…and then Laura’s work

Then looking back from the corner of the room back from Laura’s work toward Yumiko’s

Then if you were to look into the movable wall isles…you would see MaryBeth’s work

And Jim’s work on the right (in addition to what’s playing on the flat screen)

Then my own work on the back movable walls…hey, note that red sold dot on “Laundry Day”!

Behind mine, on the back sliding door wall is Shiela’s work…

and past Shiela’s are Kweli’s paintings…

I took this photo a little later so you could see the closet we built to hold out custom Studio T-Shirts…”Damn Blind Monkey” shirts are flying off the hangers… also the silver aluminum chairs hold guests who would like to review portfolios of work on the flat screen behind the reception desk. On that desk you see 2 water colors by Cynthia. On the wall shelf… I sell devil Ducks (after collecting them for years myself). On the easels, from left to right are works by MaryBeth, Shiela and Laura.

From the back wall where the flat screen is, you can see the reception desk…grand central. My lobster chair is the only color I allowed myself, to not take away from the art itself…

Lastly, my little kitchen area. The stainless table was my desk in my former Printing Scheduler life! Ha!

7 Responses to “Anuvue Studio”

  1. mongoose1 Says:

    This space is simply glorious!

  2. Juliane Says:

    It is a wonderful, beautiful place to go. There is so much to see, the Paintings are amazing. The Jewelry is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The glass work, just all of it! What a wonderful Dream come true..

  3. It is absolutly incredible! Beautiful! You sure are something, H. Can’t wait to see it in person, love, C

  4. Wow Heather! Your gallery is lovely. You did such an amazing job. It turned out fantastico!

  5. Thank you all so much for your kind words. It definitely was a labor of love…and everyone that worked on it gave me their best. It really does look great…and of course, true to my nature…I’m still tweaking things!

  6. Well, I just took this guided tour. It is splendid, indeed. I liked your one splash of red in the chair. Very comfy and stylish. The movable walls work so well. And the counters and cabinets are all masterful. If I were an artist there, I’d be pinching myself in terms of how it all came to reality in such a short amount of time. And with such class.

  7. Heather! It is beautiful!!! Wowee wow wow! I am very very honored to be included in your day of the dead show!!!!

    Vicki Wolf

    I pasted Vicki’s comment back in…accidentally hit delete 😉

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