Gallery ok

For those of you wondering or concerned, Anuvue survived it’s roller coaster ride in the just under 6 earthquake today. The termites all held hands and kept things nicely together.

As far as my home… the pottery collection is safe and intact and the cats are all still fat and asleep.

Sadly, the monstrocity they call a “house” next door did not sink into the ground….you can’t have everything…

😉 H

5 Responses to “Gallery ok”

  1. missyogini Says:

    I’m glad to hear Mother Earth was gentle with you! We have earthquakes here but our fault line is pretty docile most of the time. The rain clouds however have really let loose this year! Luckily I’m on high ground behind a dam 🙂

  2. Good to hear. Too bad the neighborhood McMansion didn’t at least lose a couple thousand square feet. LOL.

  3. Glad your house and Anuvue survived alright, and you too!

  4. missyogini Says:

    I was watching the boob tube and caught a blurb about Judge Judy’s set rockin’ with the quake. It was CRAZAZY!! We haven’t had any earth shakin’ like that since I was a kid (the 70’s).

    It’s different here. We get major floods. Mucho sand bagging. And lately (the past few years) major ice storms in the winter. Again I’m glad you are safe and sound.

    As for me, even though I have a tiny house, I had to hook my router since I brought Buddy home. It’s the only way I can get online. He expects constant attention. I’m glad to give it to him. He’s a baby and I love him 🙂

  5. I’ve been through so many they are kind of a wonderment for me. It’s amazing what Mother Earth can do. I’m always relived when no one is hurt.

    I find myself usually frozen for a moment, then start to move…and then shake afterward 😉

    Truthfully, I’ll take earthquakes over all the other stuff…

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