Yes, you can find a unicorn

After a month long search behind the OC for companion music for our next show…I am so very pleased to have found a group of Musicians out of Pasadena City College. The two instruments Cynthia has chosen for our solo show are the Long Zither and the Butterfly Harp. Cynthia, who is the director, happens to be on you tube. And Cynthia will send along the College group’s CD collection for us to promote their music in the Western World. I could not be more proud and am very excited to experience this live. This is Cynthia herself, playing the Long Zither. 😉

3 Responses to “Yes, you can find a unicorn”

  1. Lovely! H, you are an amazing person, so proud to be related to you, love, C

  2. Perfect, Heather. I love that long zither!!

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